Thursday, May 22, 2014

How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em In The Front Bedroom, After They've Rented A Basement

Here’s our latest update on the #1 son. He has a rented a room in the city. It’s a basement bedroom with a private bathroom. His landlords are a young couple in their mid-20s. They have a 4-month old baby. They swear the baby is a very good baby. #1 verifies this has been true so far. He moved in Sunday.

His basement abode includes a common area with a big-screen TV, a laundry room, and a bar with a mini fridge. His landlords say they do not use the basement unless they are entertaining, in which case they will be at the bar. With the baby, they may not be there much this summer.

#1 has kitchen privileges, with use of appliances and utensils, as long as he washes up after himself. He shops at the Schnucks that is across the street. His workplace is nine miles from his residence. According to Farmer H, he’s in the vicinity of St. Charles and the casinos. #1 says he has all the hot water he wants for his morning shower, because the couple is up and out before he gets ready for his job that starts at 9:00. I asked if the baby is gone, too, and he said, “No. The baby stays home. An old man watches her. I think he’s a relative.”

There is one other intern at #1’s place of employment. They went to Taco Bell for lunch the first day, but #1 was planning to shop for groceries to take his lunch. He will be paid once a month. The first time will be the middle of next month.

He seems to be in good spirits, and excited about his new job. He will be taking a leave to work at Missouri Boys State, since he is on staff there in the IT department. In addition, he may take a leave to attend the Solar Car competition in Texas for his college. He has worked nonstop on that solar car since last fall. These leaves were a condition of employment, which is a main reason he selected this job over another one.

One of #1’s college buddies lives fairly close, and has a pool. He does not plan to come home often this summer, what with his extra responsibilities and little free time. 

We are proud that he is earning his keep. He is glad to be out from under our thumbs.

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Sioux said...

That basement apartment is missing one thing...his mom. I think you will find as his college career continues, his idea of what is REALLY important will become firmly cemented in his head/heart. He will grow up while he is away, he'll mature, and at some point, you won't call Hillmomba "home" for him anymore, because he has made his own he should.