Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Lost Ladies

We are the blind leading the blind, and we are bruised and bloody.

My mom has been coming to sit with me during my convalescence. She arrives around 9:30, and leaves at 2:00 to pick up The Pony from school. We can get into a lot of trouble in that time. Today Mom drove me to Save A Lot for my first outing in which I actually exited the car. I took a cart to use for my walker, and she took a cart as a spare, in case I tired and needed to leave. In that scenario, she would give me her empty cart and help me out, then return to pay for my items.

I endured the shopping trip, but felt a bit light-headed a couple of times. Times when Mom was nowhere in sight, having abandoned me to go look for mayonnaise. I calmed myself and leaned on my cart/walker until she reappeared. We loaded three boxes of groceries into the  back of Mom's Blazer. She did the majority of the heavy lifting when we got home. Unfortunately, Mom knocked her wrist on the doorjamb somehow, and started spraying blood. She's on blood thinners, though a different brand from mine. I fetched her a bandaid and some triple antibiotic ointment and patched her up. She swore she didn't need it, but I swore I didn't want my couch all bloody.

In her over-helpiness, Mom tried to grab a red solo cup on the kitchen counter that she had shoved with the food box. Of course in her grabbing, she knocked it all the way off, onto the kitchen floor. "You're killing me, Mom," I told her after bandaging, while reaching down to pick up that cup. "Now I am squishing my egg  while I bend over." My "egg" is a lump on my stomach the size of an egg, inside a giant purple bruise where my third injection of blood thinner went on Saturday. I think that nurse punctured my liver. The lump is a bit smaller today, like a banty egg. I'll ask the doctor about it tomorrow.

I might need to ask Farmer H to nail some crosses and strands of garlic over the doors and windows.

I'll get to the blind part tomorrow.


Sioux said...

This is kind of like a dress rehearsal for your retirement.

When you're retired, your mom will come over every day...and stay ALL day.

Aaah, what a pleasant thought...

Hillbilly Mom said...

If that happens, Hillmomba better have a squad car in the neighborhood of the Mansion. We have a way of getting ourselves into trouble.