Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Inspection Connection And The SkimScam Artist

Farmer H took T-Hoe to work today, in order to get an inspection with the mechanic of his choice. T-Hoe is our third car in three days to get this special inspection. It should throw up a little red flag to consider that Farmer H takes these cars some 40 miles up the road, to his work town, to get the inspections.

"I have to make sure they pass inspection, so we can renew the license in time. This guy works with me. Like, on your car, that broken mirror? (The one Farmer H broke backing out of the garage when I was in the hospital and he was rushing to meet me after the ambulance took me on a wild interstate ride.) I can tell him that I've got the part ordered, and he'll pass it." I don't even want to ask about the brakes that grind now, ever since Farmer H replaced them himself.

He also took his Pacifica, and The Pony's Ford Ranger for inspection. Now all I have to come up with are the personal property tax receipts for the past two years. I was not happy being without my T-Hoe today. And tomorrow, I have to go back to the doctor for a report of my lab tests last week. Not looking forward to it. Farmer H is not unhappy to be chauffeuring me. In fact, it gives him a ten-day vacation. He was planning to take off next week anyway, and then Friday is the 4th, and, well, too bad so sad that my appointment is the day before. Because of the early morning appointment, I asked Farmer H to fill up T-Hoe with gas on his way home.

"That was $56.11 in gas." Let the record show that is not a complete tank full of gas. I always fill up around half a tank because I can't stand to fork over so much cash at one time.

"Okay. Did you pay cash, or use the debit card?"

"I paid cash."

"Here are three twenties. I'm sure you have my change to give back." Let the record show that I did not release my grip on the three twenties until Farmer H held out three ones. "What about my 89 cents?"

"Huh. I guess I'll just have to use that for dropping you off at the door for your appointment. Wait. We're only going to the office. You can walk. So you're not getting your 89 cents."

Farmer H always finds a way to scam me. Guess who's not getting the biggest hamburger next time I make them.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

I actually had to put gas in my car last Saturday! I had an opportunity to leave He Who should have filled my car in the office and slip away with one of my besties. One little problem I encountered. I had put gas in my Jeep and I didn't know which side the tank was on!

Sioux said...

And I would be fantasizing about who was going to get the biggest kick in the you-know-where, if I were you.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I guess you're lucky you didn't have to siphon it out of a big tank with a garden hose.

Here's a little-known fact for you: You can attract more flies by serving them soup towers than you can by kicking them in the you-know-where.