Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's Hot Enough For Me. Really.

We seem to be in the midst of the dog days of June. With the temperature forecast to hit 99 degrees today, I could not bear to make my weekly provision-gathering expedition to The Devil's Playground. I suspect it is hotter than a sauna in H-E-doublehockeysticks in there.

The Pony and Farmer H have sought respite in the belly of Poolio. The dogs are holed up in dusty depressions under the vehicles, panting like a woman who has just finished a marathon and is now in the throes of childbirth. I have gone underground, to the cool confines of my basement lair. The chickens seem not to feel the heat. They are scratching and pecking in the woods, and did not hesitate one iota to run out into the bright sun for a treat of stale bread around noon. The goats seem to thrive in these conditions. They have plenty of shade, even though they've eaten the limbs and leaves off all the trees to a height they could reach from their hind legs. They enjoyed a snack of Granny Smith apples. Of course, they enjoy just about anything they can chew, be it thorny rosebushes or car seat upholstery.

Farmer H may be delirious from the heat. He volunteered to BBQ our supper. Nothing a man likes better on a 99-degree day than to sit beside a metal grill full of glowing charcoal.

I have been waiting since mid-February for this heat wave to break.


Sioux said...

I've been waiting since 2009 for my personal heat wave to break. You've only been dealing with it since February? Count yourself fortunate...

Chickadee said...

That's what I'm sayin'. What's up with this heat? This isn't Texas. Did you see it's going to be triple digit hot again Thurs and Fri?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Every party has a pooper, and that pooper is SIOUX! Thanks so much for letting all who read here abandon hope. No end in sight, and you've got a three-year jump on us.

But seriously...I WAS merely referring to the weather.

Sadly, I took the word of a chief meteorologist on the weekend. I thought MONDAY would bring a brief respite. But apparently not, as my sweat-soaked shirt proclaimed, soggily, today.

knancy said...

I so agree about the heat since February. I just checked my FB entries and I had posted that it was 70* here in WV on February 29th.

When I was a child we had snows in November all the way through to April.

Changes are a pain in the butt! However, I don't miss April snows. Or, really, any of those 8inch down pours. There for awhile I was reveling in the sparse amount of money I had to spend on heat - only to get my AC bill! Ha!

But, we are definitely going through some changes - hope I can hang in there long enough to watch most of it.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Tell me about it! My electric bill this month was more than my house payment. Of course, this is the Mansion Farmer H built, along with his sometimes-incarcerated buddies who work for cash, so we were not out a great deal for the initial materials.