Monday, December 24, 2012

An Evening Of Competition Awaits

Whew! We're off to my sister's house in a couple of hours for her regular Christmas Eve bash.

Can you believe she put ME in charge of the gift bags this year? The gift bags that people win by playing games she has devised? I think it's a conspiracy to keep me from wanting to win. There have been official complaints lodged, you know. About me winning every year. Can I help it? I refuse to hide my MENSAness under a barrel. Surely others would not want to win just because I threw a competition or two! My grandma taught me that. Right after she landed against my croquet ball and put her foot on hers and whacked mine over the blacktop road and into the woods. I was eight.

So...The Pony and I found the BEST gift bag prizes at Big Lots. Sis gave us the bags she uses every year. All we had to do was remove the staples so nobody comes down with a mysterious case of lockjaw from a wound. Apparently, Sis told me last Christmas Eve that I should only spend $1 on each item, except for the GRAND PRIZE, which should be $10. We did okay on the grand. But I thought she said $2 on the others. Now she is a bit perplexed. Doesn't want people to think this year's prizes are rockin', and that she's a cheap-butt. EXCUUUUUUSE ME! So I didn't remember correctly something I was told 364 days ago!

I still need to wrap presents for the boys. I guess I'll be up all night. It won't be the first time.

Have you heard? Hillmomba is due for 6-PLUS inches of snow tomorrow evening! I'm fine with that. As long as we have electricity. We are going to my mom's house, and it's less than ten miles away. We can leave as soon as the precip starts. Just snatch up some leftovers and hit the road. Come home and play with our Christmas swag. Mom can settle down and work puzzles in her new crossword book that I'm giving her. Shh...don't tell.

I'm stoked for tonight. Ready to go bust some chops in Christmas trivia. I certainly hope we don't play the game where you unwrap a gift while wearing oven mitts. The Pony won that one last year. He cheated. Teeth are not allowed. I'm going to make sure that has been added to the official rules.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Kathy's Klothesline said...

TWO DOLLARS!!! What were you thinking?? I am envious, that sounds like so much fun. I will cook up a little feast for the two of us tomorrow and spend a very quiet day while answering the phone calls from my kids. He Who tows is on call and I will indulge in some quality time with my sewing machine.

Do you have any solar path lights? Take a couple inside. If you do lose power, they will provide more light than a candle. Even the cheap ones from the Dollar Store.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I was giddy. Out of my mind with holiday excitement.

My mom has those solar lights in her front yard. Every day, she has to pull them out of the ground and move them out about ten feet in front of her house, because the porch and path area are shaded all day.

We have a generator that only Farmer H and the #1 son know how to get going. It can run the TV and computers. The necessities of life.