Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Call The Whaaaaahmbulance! I Have A Toothfake!

I am battling a sensitive tooth.

Oh, how tired I am of skirting the issue. Walking on eggshells around that tooth. Ignoring the elephant in my mouth. Watching my every move, lest I hurt his fillings. Such a needy emo is he.

The NERVE of that tooth! I think, perhaps, he is faking.

The best I remember, I had a root canal done on that tooth. Had him all fixed up short of the crown, because the insurance ran out what with root canals being $2500 a pop, and the insurance company declaring that the crown was not part of the coverage. So...if the roots have been pulled out on the end of a sharp, pointy poky thing, and then the canals sealed with dental cement...WHAT IS THAT TOOTH'S PROBLEM?

It has only been a couple of days, but this intermittent disabilitating pain is wearing on me. I stopped drinking out of a straw last night. You know, in my big bubba cup of ice water. Thinking that the cold or the suction was the instigator. But then this morning, sitting there in Farmer H's La-Z-Boy for my chair nap, that throbbing pain returned with a vengeance. If I turn my head just right, I can make it go away after several minutes. Mrs. Hillbilly Mom is magic like that. Unfortunately, students look askance upon a teacher whose head is askance. And I can't whip out my vibrator in front of them. It always makes me feel better. The vibrator I ripped out of a neck massage donut thingy. I can put that on my forehead, and the tooth quits hurting. I can use neither tactic while driving. On the way home tonight, that pain was so severe that it branched down into my lower teeth.

I'm starting to think Toothy is being set up by my sinuses. Made the scapegoat. In order to send me to the dentist, not the doctor, who might put Siny in his place. My BFF Google says that sinusitis often mimics toothache pain.

This was an issue throughout the month of August. I was starting to think I was a tooth grinder. It often hit right after a bout of recliner-sleeping. A headache, too. Then the pain went away after I was given antibiotics for a lingering cough.

I will give it a couple of days. As long as I can walk around with a vibrator, with my left ear pointed at the sky, my pain will be under control.


Sioux said...

And knowing how interested teenagers are in "old people" (anyone over 30), they will probably not notice anything different.

Hillbilly Mom said...

So true. They will think, perhaps, that I am merely adjusting my dentures, or momentarily relieving the arthritis-inducing heft of my dowager's hump.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

My teeth try that, too! Sudafed? If you don't have blood pressure issues, it could help. My Zyrtec helps, but Sudafed would really drain my sinus. Raise my blood pressure, too. Aging sucks!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Well, that's out, due to BP. I DID try some of Hick's leftover cough medicine. I works on that tooth for about 15 hours. Unfortunately, it puts me to sleep after two hours.