Sunday, April 6, 2014

Juno Haters Gonna Hate Juno

Farmer H abandoned his Gator this morning in favor of his lawnmower. He actually likes mowing the acreage. He did, however, have an agenda where my sweet, sweet Juno is concerned.

"Your dog's toys are all in the back of the Gator until I finish mowing. She had them scattered all over the front yard!"

"Well, she's a dog. Where else is she supposed to play with them? It's not like she has a toy box and picks them up every night before bedtime."

"I'm just telling you. Her toys are put away until I'm done."

"Fine. She'll just have to find herself another baby rabbit."

"Uh huh. A soft toy."

"Your old dog Grizzly ate rabbits, too."

"Yeah. I know."

"Juno cannot live on morning dog food, all-day eggs, afternoon cat kibble, and table scraps alone!"

"She chases the chickens when we're not looking."

"Grizzly chased the cats the minute we pulled out of the driveway. We caught him when we came back to get something."

"I know. But the cats clawed him so he didn't hurt them."

"Juno used to have scars on her face. I guess she learned her lesson. She doesn't hurt the chickens. Only grabs a tail feather. The guineas do that!"

"When that Alaskan dog was here yesterday, chasing the big red rooster, I was hoping she'd catch him so he could flog her real good. That'd break her of it if she gets loose again."

"Uh huh. And if we had a male dog again, maybe HE would keep other dogs from chasing our chickens."

We're working on Farmer H for a new pet. I hope he does not know the analogy of slowly heating a frog in a pot of water until it boils.


Sioux said...

I'm sure you and The Pony will scheme, to the point that Farmer H won't even know what hit him...until it's way too late.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Farmer H needs another fleabag buddy. He was Grizzly's best friend, and he even liked Tank the not-so-likeable beagle. He needs a boy dog. I'm only doing it for him. I already have the best dog ever.