Sunday, April 13, 2014

TV Is My Life

So many TV shows to watch, so little time!

I have frittered away my day with laundry and dish-washing and a trip to Save A Lot so my family does not starve, and a bit of bill-paying this morning so we're not out on our ear. Now I want to sit in my blue basement recliner and stare at the big screen TV and enjoy The Amazing Race, and Naked and Afraid, and something on the Food Network, and some stuff I have on the DVR from other nights when there were so many shows, so little time.

I'll leave you with my newest find this morning, while I was paying the bills. I don't remember the channel, and I think it's in reruns, but it's called An Idiot Abroad. On the episode I caught, this dude from somewhere in England (have you heard, it's an ISLAND!) was sent by Ricky Gervais to China. Ricky starts the show by saying how much fun it is to put his friend out of his comfort zone, and that he wants him to have the most miserable time possible, and that this show is quite possibly the most expensive practical joke he's ever played on anyone. Of course the dude is not thrilled to see The Great Wall of China, what with not just seeing the touristy part, but covering the entire wall, all the way to where it goes into the ocean. He declares that it really isn't protecting anything, because all one has to do is roll up one's pants, take off one's socks, and wade around the wall and voila! He's in China, ready to pillage.

Also, this dude did not care much for the food, what with eating a bag of "crisps" he brought with him while watching an old Chinese man eat a thousand-year-old egg. "What IS that?" Dude asked his cameraman. "A FETUS? Who eats a FETUS? Besides that gentleman over there. Can't he just let it be born, grow a little bit, THEN eat it?" Indeed.

Sorry. I have to skedaddle. My shows are coming on.


Sioux said...

If you're going to call me stupid, you used the wrong form.

You should use the adjective form, not the noun form of the word.

It should be "idiotic broad" not "idiot broad."

And for that insult you tried to slip past me, I'm going to skip reading your blog...until tomorrow night.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Skip, little skipper. Skippity doo dah, skip to your Lou, skip like the skippingest skipper who ever skipped! I know you're addicted to my sunny outlook on life. You'll be back in two shakes of a sweet, sweet Juno's tail.

I find that it is more satisfying, when insulting someone, to throw proper grammar and syntax out the window, caution to the wind, and, for good measure, the baby out with the bath.