Saturday, November 21, 2020

They Tried

My errands before the financial meeting included a trip to the bank. I had a check to deposit, which had come from that very financial group. Every year, I have to take a minimum amount out of an account that was inherited, and is some kind of retirement account. I don't know a lot about investment stuff. Only how much I have, and that there's a penalty for not withdrawing some of it by year's end. They can't write the check at the office. They have to send it to corporate, and I get it in the mail. Thankfully, nobody got their filthy thieving mitts on it!

Anyhoo... you might remember that once the bank teller accused me of trying to deposit a FRAUDULENT check from my own credit union, just because she called the wrong phone number on the check. AND that my bank has a policy of not wanting to give you credit, even for a CASHIER'S CHECK, until 10 days have passed. Farmer H went toe-to-toe with them on that policy one time (back when customers were allowed inside, and could go toe-to-toe), and they waived it for him.

Anyhoo... I outsmarted those telleristas this time. I wanted to take out some of our weekly cash. And also to deposit that check. The normal way to do it would be to fill out a deposit slip for the check, and fill in the amount of cash back. Uh uh. I was too smart for that! Because that one time, they didn't even want to give me cash from my account (nothing to do with the check) when I made a big deposit. Acted like ALL my money would be held for 10 days. Which is ridiculous! Anything over the amount of a deposited check should not be affected.

Anyhoo... this time, I filled out a withdrawal slip for my weekly cash. Then I filled out a deposit slip for the full amount of the check. I sent them through the tube. And a teller whose voice I didn't recognize got on the speaker, and said,
"Um. This check that... uh... um... So, you want to make a withdrawal? And deposit this check?"
"Oh. Alright. I'm working on it."
Heh, heh! She was SO ready to tell me there would be a 10-day hold! But she couldn't! They were two separate transactions! I didn't want any of that check back.
Score one for the valedictorian!


River said...

We don't have those problems here. I have deposited cheques and withdrawn cash right after, they have no trouble with it as long as the account is in enough credit. All the information is right there on their little computer screens.

Sioux Roslawski said...

I had to go to the bank on Friday afternoon. I sat behind two cars--thought I had the fast lane, but didn't--and the car two cars in front of me did not move for (I swear) ten minutes. I was about ready to get out of my car and go up to them and yell, "What in the world are you doing? What kind of business do you have that takes this long?"

In. Credible.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'm sure the information is also on my bank's computer screen. I don't know what the deal is. If it's policy, then why did they waive it when Farmer H made a scene? It's either policy, or it isn't.

It's especially annoying, since I've been banking there for at least 25 years, and never had an overdraft. With the "counterfeit" check, I had over twice that amount in my account. And with this recent one, five times the amount of the check. At least I outsmarted those smarties this time! Made them give me my own money when I wanted it!

You should have learned by now to choose the lane that looks the slowest! Maybe they were cashing in Series EE savings bonds that they were not allowed to bring into the lobby...

One time I was behind a little old lady who was having them balance her checkbook for her. That was many years ago, when people were still allowed inside the lobby, and when people (other than myself) actually physically balanced their checkbook register.