Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Working Himself Into A Lather

To my blog buddy, Kathy, I apologize. I'll do it in the style of William Carlos Williams. Because I'm plagiarizatastic like that.

This is Just to Say

I read your stuff
about rules
on products
that are dumb

and which you
already used
in a 
blog post here

Forgive me
I have plagiarized
your thoughts
for my blog.

Alrighty then. That dirty little non-secret is out in the open. Kathy wonders why BenGay comes with instructions that it is intended for external use only. Or why glass top stoves caution you not to stand on them. And why people drop in to ask for free pooper-scooper bags like she's some kind of grand charity for poop-pickers.

I think I have the answer!

Some people really don't know any better!

Really. They are sheltered, perhaps. Have their mind on other things. Saving the environment, for instance. Why people can't just easily fight off somebody who is choking them. If butterflies smile. Or the proper way to apply conditioner to one's hair.

"Hey, you guys. When you put on conditioner...I know you wash your hair first. And then you put on the conditioner. Then you rinse it out. But...do you wash your hair again after you rinse out the conditioner?"

Thank the Gummi Mary, there are directions on conditioner. It must be the lather, rinse, repeat portion of the shampoo instructions that are throwing him off. He may not know when to stop. Because you have to keep repeating.

It's a wonder he has time for school. But I must say, his hair is beautiful.


Sioux said...

I noticed on the box of brownie mix it said, "Do not eat the raw brownie batter."

Those label makers are taking all the fun out of life...

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I am honored .... It is also good to know that I am not the only one pondering the absurdities of life. I often wonder how some people manage to walk through their house, much less drive to my kampground!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Perhaps you have a Label Baby Junior. One re-gifted, I imagine, from a close personal friend. You could make your own warning labels, and Label-Baby them to the offending object. For example, one on the faculty bathroom sink: Spigot is Closer to Sink Than It Appears. Wash Hair at Own Risk. No Firemen on Duty.

Maybe that's why they drive to your kampground. They can't FIND their house. Or they have already DESTROYED their house.