Friday, June 21, 2013

Boundaries Make Good Spouses

That Farmer H! He's such a giver! In fact, I'm sure somebody would have written a book about him by now, except for the fact that there's already a book out there titled: The Giver.

First thing this morning I discovered that last thing last night Farmer H bought me a gas grill at the auction. He also bought The Pony a bow and some arrows. I discovered this by reading the email Farmer H sent me at 6:45 this morning. He elaborated that the grill was a $350 grill that only cost him $100. Never mind the fact that I don't grill, I don't like gas, and I most certainly don't want this unexploded bomb sitting on the back deck by my kitchen, right outside The Pony's room, baking in the sun all the livelong day. Oh, and I think he was hinting at me to give him $100 to cover the cost, since he told The Pony that he owes him $25 for the bow and arrows.

I was under the impression that we each consulted our marital partner before making purchases such as this. Maybe I'll fire up the internet and buy Farmer H $100 worth of books from Amazon Sellers. There are some real bargains to be had there. I know Farmer H would enjoy such a gift in the same manner as I.

His generosity knows no bounds.


Sioux said...

Yes, and if you spend that much, you'll get free shipping. Click onto Amazon right now.

I think Farmer H would like this book: "The Sweet Potato Queens' Book of Love." Or if he likes scary ones, I just finished Joe Hill's "NOS4A2." It was amazing.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'm sure he would love a Sweet Potato Queens book. He's never heard of Joe Hill, but I could fill him in on the pedigree. Yes. That's exactly what you give a man who buys himself everything.