Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hot Potato!

Did you know that when you pour the boiling water from a pan of potatoes down the sink, that fiery water will splash and burn you on tender areas? It's true! I'm happy to provide this public service announcement. Consider it my version of paying it forward.

I only had to boil potatoes, you see, to get a pan of delicious green beans and bacon and potatoes. It's kind of like stone soup, I guess. Or not. My mom called last night and said she wanted to give them to me. Apparently, she underestimated her desire for potatoes, or overestimated her desire for green beans and bacon.

Around the Mansion, the green beans will be considered "those things that are in the way of digging more potatoes and bacon out of the pan until I have enough to fill me up." Bacon. BACON BACON BACON! Even The five-food Pony will eat these potatoes from the green bean pot. As long as his essential food group, ketchup, is also served.

I feel bad that I don't even have any overripe bananas to give my mom in exchange.

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