Saturday, July 13, 2013

Most People Don't Have Such Discussions

"I think it's safe to say that THIS conversation is not being held right now in the living room of any other family on the planet."

So sayeth Mrs. Hillbilly Mom, listening to the men in her house this morning debating the merits of the new signs installed on the our blacktop county road that is now a major detour.

Farmer H: Have you seen those new road signs? When you go to town for your soda, take a look at them and tell me what's wrong.

Mrs. HM: Hmm...they show 'S' curves turning the wrong way?

Farmer H: You'll see.

Because he is a well-know wanna-know-it-all, Farmer H went ahead and told us.

Farmer H: Out by the highway, coming this way, the sign says it's a 90-degree curve. But going the other way, the same curve is a 45-degree curve. And on our curve down by where the lady in the purple car ran off in the snow and we gave her a ride to that barn house up the way, one way the sign says it's a 45-degree curve, and the other way it says a 90-degree curve."

#1 son: No way is that a 45-degree curve!

Farmer H: I know. It's a 90-degee curve.

#1 son: If anything, it's at least a 75-degree curve.

Farmer H: Or 90-degree.

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom: I don't know where you get those degrees. The signs are just yellow signs with black curvy arrows.

Farmer H: My point is...the Highway Department screwed up. They should have put the two 90-degree curve signs together, and the two 45-degree curve signs together.

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom: Like it matters. People are going to be driving so fast that they won't even see those signs.

Somebody around here has to live in the real world.


Sioux said...

I think # 1 Son should have measured it, because as stupid as parents are and as smart as eighteen-year old boys are, measuring would have "showed" how brilliant he really is.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'm sure he would measure it without getting out of his truck, only making a couple of notes, then using a formula.