Thursday, July 11, 2013

Placing A Value On Problem Kids

We have a problem here at the Mansion, and that problem is Nellie's Kids. She has twin sons, black-and-white, cute as the dickens, but with the same obsession with sticking their heads through the fence as their momma. And because they inherited their mother's horn shape, they get stuck. The Pony is on fence duty throughout the day. One of the young bucks had his head double-stuck. It went through a square of fence, and then through a spot where the fence was stapled to a tree.

Farmer H is doing what any perturbed head-of-household would do if faced with errant kids such as these. Due to their almost-daily imprisonment, he feels he has no recourse but to sell them. Last night he hauled one to his new home. The lady who bought herself this kid needed him to fill a hole in her heart. Her last goat died...from getting his head stuck in the fence.

I don't know how this arrangement is going to play out. Hopefully, Farmer H won't be asked to provide a refund. Surely he told her why he's parting with one of his kids. You never know the true extent of details when Farmer H is concerned.

The boys are being careful not to get their heads stuck in the fence.


Sioux said...

Perhaps this is proof of my BigCity ignorance, but could the goat's horns be sawed off or severely shortened, so they can't get stuck in the fence?

I'm sure this is NOT possible...otherwise, it would have been done already.


Hillbilly Mom said...

Sioux, If that was possible, people would be hacking off horns all willy-nilly, and goats would look like Mrs. HM after a haircut by the Butcher of Seville.

You can burn the nubs when the kids are young, so the horns don't grow, but you can't saw them off once they are grown.

Most of our goats have horns that are fence-compatible, it's just Nellie and her kin that have that certain horn curvature that captures them once they poke their head through.