Friday, August 12, 2016

A Son Is A Son Till He Takes Him A Wife, But The Pony's Matrimony Is Headed For Strife

After a full day of picking up college accoutrements, The Pony and I lunched at Captain D's (his choice) and stopped by EmBee for the mail as we neared home.

"What'd we get?"

"A postcard from OU about the welcoming activities for incoming freshmen, something for #1 about air miles, and your Entertainment Weekly magazine. Huh. I thought that said something else."

By this time I had turned T-Hoe onto the gravel road down by the creek. Thankfully bereft of yesterday's car parked between the NO TRESPASSING signs, and the man and woman in swimwear sitting on a flat rock in the middle of the creek, drinking canned beers from spongy coolie cups.

I glanced at the magazine cover, and saw, across the bottom, in stand-out letters:

J.K. Rowlings Fantastic Beasts.

No comment from The Pony on what he THOUGHT it said...


Sioux said...

Rowling's fantastic rack? It's proof that The Pony is a writer when he thinks that her physique might be noteworthy. What's next? Pearl Buck's hair?

If The Pony was a girl, perhaps he might be interested in Hemingway's abs. Or Bradbury's legs.

Why do you even watch TV with The Pony around? For all your entertainment needs, just recall his comments and antics... and chuckles will ensue.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Heh, heh. The Pony wouldn't know Pearl S. Buck if she kicked him in the rumpus with tiny, marriageable, bound feet.

Please! Spare me the thought of Hemingway's abs and Bradbury's legs. Though the latter might fascinate The Pony most, because he's a sci-fi kind of guy.

I KNOW! If only you could have been a fly on the window of the Rogue this afternoon, when a license plate starting with the letters GYN pulled in front of us!

I will sorely miss The Pony when he leaves me in four days. I might need a trip to Mudville, where there might be an excess of joy, compared to Hillmomba.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

You may recall that I have a pool, open to the public ..... and some breasts are beasts.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Thanks for the verification!