Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Your Hand Is Writin' Checks That Nobody In Line Wants You To Cash

What is with people?

I am willing to hear your answer. That is not a rhetorical question.

Why do people write checks at the counter in a CONVENIENCE STORE? Thus inconveniencing all those in line, who dropped by because AHEM it's CONVENIENT. At least it is if you're not there writing a check.

Seriously. They know when they come in that they're going to use a check. So why do they wait until they get to the counter to drag that checkbook out of the purse and go to town. They could have the whole thing ready except the amount. THEY KNOW THEY'RE USING A CHECK, by cracky! It's not like they came in to pay for gas, and then the chicken smelled so good that they have to exceed their fuel budget for a couple of breasts. In a grocery store, they have to push the cart around, and maybe poorly control a couple of brats kids. So I could see why they keep that check safe inside a purse. Maybe they might even have to take those young 'uns out without buying their groceries, just to teach them a lesson. But at a convenience store, they're just dashing in to pay for gas or grab a case of beer. Don't prolong our agony!

We had FIVE people backed up today. At least I was next in line, with my 44 oz Diet Coke rapidly losing carbonation. But those high-tower workers must have had little enough left of their lunch hour, the way they tore out of there and blew past me at the underpass, heading toward the northbound entrance ramp, even running a solid yellow arrow to cut in front of oncoming traffic.

There oughta be a law. Or a line for correct change only.


Sioux said...

And yet again, your expectations are totally unrealistic.

What you are (ha ha) suggesting is that people think ahead as well as think of others. THAT is totally ridiculous.

Next time, you might hint that when people see that a lane is ending due to construction or an accident, they merge with the rest of us and don't zoom right up to the blockage and then bully their way in front of the rest of us.


Hillbilly Mom said...

I am beginning to see that I am barking up a tree bereft of a quarry.

OOH! That merger got a lesson from Hillbilly Mom's School of Driving this morning! Tried to cut ahead of four of us in the main lane in front of the gas station chicken store, from the lane that peters out. NO DICE! We kept bumper-to-bumper, and made Speedy von Haul-A$$ cut in behind me as his space ended!