Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life Is Not A Simpson's Cartoon

The Pony has a kind of warped sense of humor. I have no idea where he gets it.

This morning, we were watching the Duggars and their 19 kids while getting ready for the day. Nothing makes you feel less harried in the morning than seeing the Duggars on TV, and then looking at the two children you are responsible for getting off to school. It was the episode where Josh takes Anna and baby Mackynzie for a ride on the Ferris wheel. Anna is not so thrilled. "What if the baby fell out?" she says. Or something close to that. I can't quote the Duggars like Seinfeld.

I went to brush my teeth. When I came back, The Pony was philosophizing. "Wouldn't it be funny if you took your baby on the Ferris wheel, and when you got to the top, you threw out a doll? And people would think it was your baby? Ha, ha, ha."

Um. No. That would be psychopathic. Not funny. Abnormal. I told him not to propose that joke to anybody else. On the way home, he said that he told a girl at school, and she started laughing. That Pony! He's learning early on that girls are attracted to psychopaths.

This evening, I told the #1 son about his brother's proposal. #1 never misses an opportunity to slam The Pony for real or imagined flights of psychopathy. "Can you see somebody doing something like that? It's just wrong."

"Actually, Mom, I think it's kind of funny."

I regret allowing them to watch The Simpsons during their formative years.


labbie1 said...

I think it is funny in theory, but in reality cause unintended consequences which would NOT be funny. Very similar to the Coyote and Roadrunner and how the poor coyote keeps blowing up and falling off of cliffs. Funny, but the reality would be catastrophic. Kids have it so fun--they just think in surface with their little ungrown brains...

Hillbilly Mom said...

Kids never consider the consequences. That's the best part of being a kid.