Thursday, September 22, 2011

Smacking Of Unprofessionalism

'Tis the season of smack. Talking smack, to be specific.

The assignment I gave today was two pages of Chapter Review questions. But one class told the others that they were having a quiz.

Then a different class told the others that they have to read the chapter out loud now, because I caught the whole class sleeping during Mr. Textbook CD Reader's monologue. When in truth, that class ASKED to read out loud, because they are good readers, and very social.

And one lass asked if she could ask me a question, and I said of course, because that's why I give them time in class to work on it, so I can answer questions. Then she said her friend told her that she came to me with a question, and I allegedly said, "No! I'm grading papers!" Like that would happen. I only grade papers to efficiently pass the time while I await questions. I tracked that one down to the source, asked her if I'd ever denied her the opportunity to ask a question because I was busy, and she said no.

Today was just one big ol' game of post office. One starts a tale, and by the time it gets back to me, rumors of my quizzing, snoozer-punishing, unprofessionalism are greatly exaggerated.

Kids. Can't live with 'em. Can't eat without 'em.

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