Friday, July 27, 2012

Gall Of Nature

I may have been disappointed yesterday, when the clever fox in my front yard turned out to be my orange-striped cat. But Even Steven remedied his furry faux pas today.

On the way to town to pay some bills, The Pony and I saw two deer. Not so much saw, as had to grind T-Hoe to a stop and wait for them to finish crossing the road. It was a doe and her mostly-grown fawn. The kid-deer still had his baby spots, but he was a good size as fawns go. No tiny tot to be left sleeping in the hayfield and run over by the mower and stuffed and donated to Bass Pro Shop, Springfield location.

They were crossing the blacktop county road from the wooded side to the creek side, right where that tree had the gall to fall and disrupt our electric service last week. I hope it wasn't some anti-human plot, like those animals in commercials for tires and insurance.

The Pony and I picked up my mom and took her for a ride. Okay. So the ride was accompanying us to pay the bills. Mom doesn't care. A ride's a ride. Unfortunately, our favorite topic of Big Brother spoilers was off limits, because The Pony only wants to see what CBS shows on the regular programs. I took a short cut on the way back to Mom's house, through the state park. The area where you are supposed to expect deer in the road. We didn't see any. But we saw a large black bird standing there just inside the woods, according to Mom. Which I usually refer to as a turkey. Not Mom. The bird.

Mom and The Pony disembarked at her house. He's spending the night. So I'm Ponyless for twenty-four hours. I headed back home, taking the roads less traveled. Had to swerve to avoid a dinner-plate sized aquatic turtle. He didn't look like a snapper, but I didn't get a good look at his face to see if he had a mean beak. All I know is he was thin like a flying saucer, and did not have ridges along his shell spine like a snapper.

I was not wearing my glasses, but I am 99.9 percent sure that none of these critters was my own cat.

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