Thursday, April 25, 2013

How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down In Hillmomba After They've Seen A Recruiting Letter?

Bet you thought this tale was about the #1 son, didn't you? Our graduating senior, chomping at the bit to pick up stakes and hightail it to the university. But no. It's The Pony chomping at the bit.

In today's mail, The Pony received a letter from Missouri Academy-Northwest. It's a program in Maryville for high school juniors and seniors. They reside on campus and take dual enrollment classes in math and science. They receive both a high school diploma and an Associate of Science Degree upon completion. Two years of college while finishing high school. Classes are taught by college instructors.

The Pony has been reeled in hook, line, and sinker. He's all gung ho to go. But he's not old enough until next year. I checked the official website, and it looks legit. HOWEVER...I'm not ready to relinquish my Pony just yet. It was bad enough when #1 decided he must go off to a four-year college his freshman year, when we have a perfectly good junior college just down the road. The Pony is too young. He doesn't even want to get his driver's license. I can't imagine sending him off to fend for himself. He doesn't eat adult food yet.

Then there's the cost. As much as college. When he could finish high school at Newmentia for...let's see...the total sum of...NOTHING! And the social aspect looms as well. My Pony is no social butterfly. He's still in the larval stage. He can't jump to adulthood without metamorphosizing into a pupa first.

Help! What's a Hillbilly Mom to do? Besides screen the mail from now until he graduates?


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Both of them learning to fly at the same time would be too hard on mama bird! Leaving an empty nest. Scary, isn't it? I understand your concern about your Pony, but he might just surprise you. Just remember that you have laid a great foundation.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I would absolutely rip my feathers out in angst to send two of them packing. I think right now he's in love with the idea of becoming part of something bigger than our little town. And searching for his identity.