Monday, April 8, 2013

If It Ain't One Thing It's A Bother

Oh, dear. Today was so craptastic that its picture is in the dictionary right next to craptastic.

Not that anything so terribly out-of-the-ordinary occurred. It's me. Not Monday. My reaction is the problem. I should expect everything to go downhill after second hour. That makes the day go faster, right? Among the burrs under my saddle, the thorns in my side, the flies in my ointment, the wads in my granny panties, were the following events:

The #1 son needs a meningitis shot for college.
The county health center will not give #1 a meningitis shot.
The doctor's office will not give #1 a meningitis shot.
Walgreens in our town might or might not give #1 a meningitis shot.
I used my whole prep hour trying to find a meningitis shot.

The testing schedule for tomorrow was changed without my knowledge.
The students kindly informed me of the change.
The change means that I can't review for MY test with my students.

Somebody has set up two social media sites in the name of one of our teachers.
Something oughta be done about that.
Thank the Gummi Mary it was not me.
Thank the Gummi Mary it was not me that set it up OR had it made up in my name.

One student thinks that permission to use cell phones in the hallway between classes is synonymous with using an MP3 in the classroom during instruction.

Three students thought that MUST BE TURNED IN TODAY written on the board on the day I had a substitute applied to everybody but them.

Four students think that I am their dad driving the station wagon on a cross-country trip, and expect me to keep their back-seat companion from LOOKING AT ME or TALKING ABOUT ME the whole way, rather than concentration on my driving or the map or interacting with the rest of the family.

All faculty must sign up on a certain website with much personal information so the school can get certain monies for programs for which I am not involved and do not receive remuneration.

Requisitions are now done on the computer and sent as an attachment.


Contracts came out, and one more day has mysteriously been added to the total.

That testing video we were supposed to watch before testing is now supposed to have been watched by Wednesday morning. Even though I still have two weeks before my subject is scheduled to test.



Sioux said...

Oh yes, this the fun part of the school year. Things start revvin' up.

After you retire, you can make occasional forays into lunch with a few of the WWWPs. To come to a writing workshop...Think of the fun we will have...

Hillbilly Mom said...

I forgot to mention the broken bottle of cologne in a backpack that left a puddle on the floor and a puddle draining down my sinuses.

Indeed, that would be a festive gathering. Sales of Depends would spike during that week. I have three years to find a driver to chauffeur me to BigCityLand and back.

Three years of navigating that highway rat-race daily to work at the unemployment office has burned me out on traffic. I feel a rat in a maze with no cheese in sight.