Saturday, April 13, 2013

I Don't Know How He Missed The Realty Show Boat

The Pony was called to duty today.

Saturdays are not for relaxing around the Mansion. They are for serving His Royal Highness H. It's not that HRHH has so much to do that he requires assistance. He simply wants to disrupt the leisure activities of those who seek more ethereal pursuits. For example, he does not like The Pony laying around typing stories on his laptop. HRHH decreed that The Pony would exit the Mansion and spend an hour or two picking up sticks. Ahem. We live in the woods. The woods are full of sticks. It's a Sisyphean task.

The Pony and I had formulated a plan for just such a command. Since we had heavy rain a few weeks ago, the creeks went out of control. I told The Pony that it would be a good time to search the banks for arrowheads. His older brother, The Veteran, found a couple when he was a kid. Besides, The Pony would be outside, picking up nature's unending supply of flotsam, which should pacify HRHH. It worked.

Down by the creek, HRHH only wanted The Pony to toss a few trimmed cedar limbs on a brush pile. Then he turned him loose to seek his artifacts. The Pony found no arrowheads, but he found a spiral shell of some kind. I would give a picture or description, except The Pony laid it down and forgot where. He did, however, make another discovery.

His dad is just as absentminded. HRHH asked The Pony to help him remove a chair from his newest outbuilding beside his creekside cabin. The chair would not fit through the door. According to The Pony, "I TRIED to tell him it wouldn't come out. But he insisted. It wouldn't. I left him down there still trying. He says he doesn't REMEMBER building that building around the chair. But he might have."


Sioux said...

Living in a mansion on a huge estate...The work never ends, does it?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Thank the Gummi Mary, I have a caretaker who works for free.