Sunday, April 14, 2013

That's Smarts

Horn-tooting time again!

The #1 son returned victorious from the academic team district tournament yesterday. Newmentia placed first, and will now move on to sectionals, where they expect to be obliterated by one of the giant Cape Girardeau high schools. They've played that Cape team before. It is what it is. At least they have that cool wooden plaque in the shape of the state of Missouri, with the golden plate engraved with 1st Place District Tournament on it. Suitable for display in the school trophy case.

#1 himself won All-District honors, the 1st Place medal for answering the most correct questions. His moment in the sun. A big fish in a little pond. Too bad it doesn't matter to the admissions board at MIT. I guess they have already filled their quota of backwoods hillbillies.

In other news, we will be carting #1 to Columbia to receive honors as a Missouri Top 100 Scholar. That has to look good on a resume sometime. He's been getting propaganda from fraternities at Missouri S & T. At first he was totally against joining a fraternity. I'm not sure if their courting methods are catching his eye. He's always seemed like a GDI man to me. However...the perks of a fraternity are connections after graduation. I mentioned that to #1, who announced, "I am ALWAYS networking, wherever I go." So true. His local connections include students from competing high schools, others off at various colleges, and assorted business types. He still keep in touch with some of his Missouri Boys State brothers.

From the time he was toddling, I could sense #1 was a mover and a shaker. He would walk up to kids in the Burger King playroom, say, "I'm #1. Who are you?" I was almost surprised when he didn't stick out his hand like a politician. Even in kindergarten, he sought out our superintendent to discuss educational issues. When the owner of a technology service that formerly served our school patronized him by saying, "One of these days, I'll hire you to work for me," the fifth-grade #1 replied, "One of these days, I'll be your competition."

Yeah. I think that big head on his shoulders will serve him well.


Sioux said...

Oh yeah...Those children of ours with big heads...Weebles wobble but they don't fall down but Bobbleheads are a different story...

Hillbilly Mom said...

You know, I think that was his nickname at one time: Big Head. I think he has a T-shirt with that name on the back. It makes me think of the character from Rocko's Modern Life. If that's the origin, and not the size of his noggin', it was not a flattering comparison.