Monday, April 1, 2013

A Matter Of Personal Style

It all started with the proposed plan to walk up the creek.

That's Farmer H's plan for the summer. He and The Pony are going to get a ride to take them a mile and a half down the gravel and blacktop roads where they will enter the creek at the low-water bridge where that red truck washed off. I'm guessing that T-Hoe and I are the ride, even though nobody has asked me to pencil that activity into my calendar. At least I don't suppose they plan on asking a pack of banjo-playing Deliverance people to drive them.

Anyway, that trip is suggested every summer, and they haven't made it yet, so I'm not holding my breath for an exciting tale to blog about. I did casually mention to The Pony that I would suggest wearing shoes without socks for that trek. I even offered to get him some Crocs. He rebuffed that offer! Can you believe it? "Crocs are stupid. I don't want any. You've tried to make me wear them before."

"Crocs would be great for walking up the creek. Better than tennis shoes. You might have to put that little strap behind your heel, though, to keep from walking out of them in the water. Your dad will probably wear his camouflage Crocs. He uses that strap all the time. It's kind of embarrassing. NOBODY wears that Croc strap behind their heel."

"Huh. You're supposed to. That's what they're made for."

"It's not fashionable. Kind of like buttoning the top button of your shirt."

"I ALWAYS button the top button of my shirt."

"I know. But most people don't."

"Then why else do shirtmakers put that top button on there? If it's not meant to be buttoned, there wouldn't be a button."

"I should have known you would wear the Crocs I'm not buying you with the strap behind your heel."


Sioux said...

Yes, you have your finger on the pulse of high fashion, just like I do.

Crocs are the perfect shoe to wear in creeks, lakes, and streams. And NO ONE wears those straps behind their heel. It's merely decorative...

Perhaps you need to make a fashion manual for The Pony? I wonder what else it would include...

Hillbilly Mom said...

Can we talk about gray calf-length sweatpants with a wide purple stripe down the leg, and a hole the size of a man's hand in the hip area? Not that a man's hand had anything to do with the hole, of course.

You, Madam, are sorely misinformed. ONE person does wear those straps behind his heel. He goes by the name of Farmer H. AND, his son The Pony declares that he WOULD wear the straps on the heels IF he ever wore Crocs, which he won't.

The title of the fashion manual for The Pony would be: Pajamas Are NOT For Daytime Wear. He's not exactly Hugh Hefner, you know.