Thursday, September 5, 2013

Steaming And Powerless

We are operating in crisis mode here at the Mansion. I HAVE NO ICE! Frig is on the fritz in the freezer compartment. No grinding, no clunking, no dice. No ice. I have reset that contraption until my thumb has flattened to silver dollar size. To no avail. Each peek into the frosty depths reveals the same disappointment.

Farmer H still declares that nothing is wrong with it. Uh huh. Everybody has a built-in ice-maker that lays dormant for 48 hours. Resting, I suppose. Or judgmentally declaring that one only needs so much ice, and then it's time to give it a rest. I stopped at the gas station chicken store this evening and filled my 44 oz. cup to the brim with ice, and drizzled in a few tiny droplets of Diet Coke. So as not to spoil the ice. Oh, I could buy a bag of ice, and fill the hopper with it. But that would melt when Farmer H takes out the hopper to work on the ice-making unit. And I don't have room for a bag of ice in my freezer.

The Pony has been having trouble with his laptop. It's less than a year old. But it won't charge unless he holds the cord JUST RIGHT. It's a regular Goldilocks of chargers, seeking a self-serving medium. I asked if he had another charger, but he said the others won't work. So species-specific, those electronic gewgaws. I offered to order him a new one, if he could only tell me what kind. Alas...we rely on the #1 son for our hardware needs. And he's not readily available. The Pony is not sure if the problem lies in that charger or his laptop.

A few moments ago, The Pony came trotting to my office, kicking up his heels with glee. "I found out what's wrong with my laptop! It really IS the charger. It started to smoke, so I pulled it out of the wall right away. Look at this!" The wire next to that fat plastic part that holds the metal pointy thing that jabs into the round hole in the laptop was dangling by a few fibers. I am not sure that product was tested adequately. It's not Ponyproof.

Don't you worry about Mrs. Hillbilly Mom and The Pony. I have my 44 oz. cup of Diet-Coke-flavored ice, and The Pony has two old laptops with their own chargers. We will survive.


Sioux said...

Thank goodness The Pony caught it quickly, since you guys don't have any ice to put the fire out with.

knancy said...

The last job I worked had only one perk. An ice machine. And I was a little leery of it as who knew whose hands had handled that ice scooper before me and thrown it willy-nilly in the ice bin for some one else to pick up. They have a FB site that is pure hatred remarks from past employees. Glad I was only there for ten years.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Indeed! And we don't have the excessively-sweaty palms of the #1 son to put a damper on the fiery inferno.

An ice machine, you say! That's more valuable in my eyes than the margarita dispenser Sioux claims to have in her teacher workroom.