Friday, September 6, 2013

What It Takes To Get Into College These Days

When we last convened, The Pony had a meltdown of laptop proportions. He came to tell me that he'd figured out why his laptop wouldn't hold a charge. The problem was most likely related to the smoke that started pouring out of the wire near the laptop insertion. I figured we were going to be needing a new laptop charger. I told The Pony to call or text the #1 son and ask if he knew where we could get one. We're like the Geico cavemen living under rocks when it comes to our electronic play-pretties.

#1 did not know where we could get a Samsung charger. He said there were universal chargers that might work, but they cost more. I tried searching on Amazon, but could only find the kind that swore they were Samsung replacements for only $16, yet reviewers proclaimed that they were, in fact, SaNsung, and melted after three days.

The Pony hoofed it down the stairs, after texting near the front living room window, where we get our only Sprint reception.

"Well, I know how #1 got accepted into college now! After I told him that my laptop cord started smoking, and it melted, he texted me back."

"Yeah. It's probably not a good idea to use that anymore."

Some might call him a genius, I suppose.


Sioux said...

Yeah, once those kids leave home, they start to feel quite superior.

It's a wonder you guys have managed to find your rear ends without his constant assistance...

If The Genius is reigning as king, what role is The Pony playing? And what do YOU have to do to get an appointment with the king?

knancy said...

Wow, can I sympathize with Pony. I am the younger of two siblings. My sister was sent to college for pre-med and became pregnant in her second year. Parents paid for all the home for unwed mothers and adoption stuff. Sister went on to finish pre med. I was ready to go to same university but was denied with a solid "No way". Wonder why? My sister is now a Ph.D. and I paid my way through two colleges on my own with no help from anyone. If anyone ever says baby sister or the last born is the most spoiled baby I would surely kill them with my "Best Teacher Of the Year Award" shaped as a Corinthian column and weighing about 20 pounds not counting the marble base! Thanks Mom and Dad.

Hillbilly Mom said...

We can find our rear ends just as long as they're not connected in any way to an electronic device.

The Pony is the assistant to the Head Jester. I can get an appointment with the king any long as the price is right.

Even though it made you stronger, I'm sure it was nearly killing you at the time. Congrats on your go-gettiveness and your Corinthian column.