Monday, September 29, 2014

Looky, Looky, Looky At This Ooky, Ooky, Ooky Critter

You know how I have a penchant for discovering all manner of creepy crawlies in and around my classroom? Uh huh. It's a gift. Look what The Pony and I found last week on our way out the end door of Newmentia after school:

He's a handsome one, as worms go. I think he's a hornworm. I do appreciate his hue. Green is, after all, Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's favorite color. Bet you'd never have guessed that. But what I don't appreciate is that he looks suspiciously like that critter that peers around a nice ripe tomato at me the summer we planted a garden.

Yep. I virtually skipped out there to the back yard with a basket on my arm, ready to harvest the beautiful tomatoes we had been letting ripen. I went to pull it off the vine, and my fingers sunk into the back of it like into a suppurating flesh wound. Not that Mrs. HM is in the habit of poking her digits into suppurating flesh wounds all willy-nilly. The that darn tomato hornworm reared its ugly head, just before the screams of Mrs. HM brought Farmer H a-runnin' to the garden to smoosh that tomato horn worm between his thumb and forefinger, right after it tried to take a bite of Farmer thumb. Tomato seeds squirted out like a runny poop rainbow.

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom can appreciate the glory of color and movement in a horn worm, and refrain from grinding it to oblivion beneath the heel of her New Balance. But that doesn't mean she likes him.

He'll probably turn up in my classroom in the near future.


Sioux said...

That horn worm--just like your students--is an empty vessel eager for some learnin'.

Let it come in and join your enthusiastic high schoolers...

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Nice shade of green, but, like you, I don't want him for a pet.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'm afraid it will come and join the enthusiastic scorpion, spider, roach, and salamander.

The Pony asked which end was his head. Seriously. I'm going to revoke that boy's Science Teacher's Son card.

The worm was moving to the left. So obviously its head was on that end. Those things don't crawl backwards. Also, you can see by those sections that if his head was on the right, he would get his segments stuck as he tried to go through grass and stuff, because he's not streamlined that way.