Thursday, June 4, 2015

He's A Quipper, Works With Nippers, He's A Pancake Flipper...

Perhaps you know the Muffin Boy. The Muffin Boy. THE MUFFIN BOY! You know, The Pony, who has been working with kindergarteners to earn tutoring hours for the Missouri A+ program.

Last you heard, The Pony had burned his finger taking a muffin pan out of the over without a mitt. Let's hope he doesn't get sent up a certain creek without a paddle. A finger injury resulting from that effort I would not volunteer to kiss and make better!

Yesterday, The Pony's task was to make pancakes.

"All I had to do was cook them on a griddle. It was in the classroom. An electric griddle."

"Did you toss them in the air to turn them over? Or just tip them. You DID turn them over, right?"

"I had a spatula. I scooted it under them and flipped them. Almost all of them came out okay, except a few I made too big."

"Did you make Mickey Mouse pancakes?"


"Do you know how to do that?"


"How, then?"

"Ergh! You just pour out your batter, and shape it like you want."

"You pour one big circle, and two little ones for the ears."

" could do it that way."

"See? You DIDN'T know how to make Mickey Mouse pancakes."

"I made 32 pancakes all together. Two for each kid, and two for me, and two for Mrs. Blank."

"Did you have to cut them up for the kids?"

"No. Mrs. Blank just told them to pick them up with their hands, and tear them into pieces."

"BEFORE the syrup, I hope."

"Uh, yeah! Because we do not want stickiness! We do NOT want sticky hands! Kids have sticky hands anyway. I don't know how. But they just naturally have sticky hands."

"Here's something to remember for college. I used to have a box of Bisquick sitting around, because you can make biscuits OR pancakes with it. The recipe is right on the box. But here's how I liked to make it, like for supper, not a breakfast. I would take a can of fruit salad, the kind in heavy syrup, and use that for the liquid in my Bisquick pancakes. I'd pour in some fruit, too, and make one big pancake, the size to cover a non-stick skillet. It was great. Chunky with pieces of fruit...and I'd pour some of that leftover juice from the can onto my pancake instead of syrup."

"Mmm...that sounds good."

"Yes. And cheap."

"I guess you were like #1, being a vegetarian."

"Not quite. I didn't have bacon."


Sioux said...

I am SURE The Pony will start cooking you and Farmer H pancakes and muffins at home.
Isn't your mouth watering already?

And what IS the pompatous of love?

Hillbilly Mom said...

I don't know what the pompatous of love is, but I've heard Maurice speak of it. I think it bit The Pony in the butt a while back.

My mouth IS watering, in that way it does just before I am about to unwillingly refund a black-and-white cookie.