Monday, June 29, 2015

Something Must Have Gone Awry In The Space-Time Continuum


How has this happened? Where did almost half of my vacation go already? NO! It's too soon! How can I enjoy my remaining time with this hanging over my head?

I know better than to look at the calendar. But the #1 son needed money in his account for his house rent for July. I had to look up the date to put on the check. It is #1's fault that I know how short my time is now!

The Pony tried to encourage me. "But it will be your last year."

"Yes. My last back-to-school breakfast. My last OPEN HOUSE!"

"Uh huh. And your last conferences. That should be worth it. Even though nobody ever shows up."

"Oh, they always show up for the first one in the fall."

"That's because you have freshmen. The parents don't know yet to not care about their kids."

"Yeah. Every time something goes wrong, I can think, 'Well, I'll never be teaching on September 29th again.' That should get me through."

So many days ahead. So little time.


Sioux said...

HM--I am so sorry I went to bed early last night, missed your post yesterday but then made sure to read it today.

I am SO sorry.

Again, you are rubbing it in that you're retiring after this upcoming school year.

I am tired of hearing the incessant chatter about your retirement.

When will it ever end? Why do you insist on agitating me?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Well, Madam, it won't be long until I can stay up all night and go to bed early--IN THE MORNING!!!