Friday, June 5, 2015

Maybe He'll Get Dual Credit If He Enrolls In Culinary School

"Hey, Pony! What's for summer school?"

"Muffins, and pancakes, and yesterday's special, CUPCAKES!"

Looks like those tight school lunch mandates fly out the window when the regular school year is over! Yesterday The Pony had a hoof in the baking of a batch of cupcakes. But, much like Tina Turner on her prancing show-pony legs...The Pony never, ever, does anything nice and easy.

"What kind of cupcakes did you have?"


"I hope you didn't have to burn your finger getting them out of the oven."

"No! I know where to get an oven mitt."

"In that cooking room?"

"No. You have to go by the kitchen and ask the cooks for one."

"Did you use those muffin cups, the paper kind?"

"Yeah. We made 21 cupcakes. We started out to make 15, because we had 13 kids in our room that day. But then it rained, and we couldn't go out for recess, so we had to make them for another class, too. Mrs. Blank and I didn't get one because there weren't enough. But we got to eat the frosting! Vanilla AND chocolate! We already had our 15 cups filled with batter, then we had to go back and steal some out of those 15 to make as many more as we could. We dipped with the wooden spoon that we used to stir the batter. Actually, we made our batter first, then we put in the eggs. That's because we forgot the eggs. But then some girl ran to get them."

"From the kitchen? You let a little kindergarten girl run to the kitchen?"

"NO! We don't let kids run in the hall! A grown up girl. A lady. She was driving over to the superintendent's office for something, so she picked up the eggs."

"The superintendent has EGGS?"

"NO! She got the eggs on the way BACK!"

"Why didn't you just get them from the kitchen?"

"The kitchen doesn't have EGGS! Why would they have eggs?"

"I don't know, now that you mention it."

So...The Pony completed the trifecta of sugary breakfast foods for kindergarteners. He only has two days left of indentured servitude. Not sure what he'll be doing. Today he went to the petting zoo. Story tomorrow.


Sioux said...

The Pony is going to the petting zoo?

Does that mean those little rugrats are going to comb and braid and put ribbons in The Pony's mane? Are they going to feed him apples and some clover?

And what can top muffins, pancakes and cupcakes? I can't wait to find out...

Hillbilly Mom said...

The Pony will be that animal with a sign in front, in BIG LETTERS, that proclaims, "PONY WILL BITE."

Not sure what will happen during his last two days of servitude. I think they will swap kids with another class, so he might make the same menu again. Or find more jackets.