Thursday, June 18, 2015

There Now Is Joy In BoysStateVille, The Pony Has Lucked Out

Even Steven has smiled upon The Pony.

As you recall, The Pony is currently cooling his hooves at Missouri Boys State this week. He is in the journalism school of instruction, and has been publishing articles in their newspaper. On Wednesday, he had a front-page article. Above the fold!

The whole MBS experience wraps up Saturday before noon. The Pony will be picked up by Farmer H. Another candidate from Newmentia rode there with them. Because he would be riding back with them as well, The Pony wouldn't be able to drop in to visit with HIS PEOPLE at the Missouri Scholars Academy alumni day. It doesn't start until 2:00, and there's an activity at 7:00. You know how much The Pony loves to be around HIS PEOPLE.

Yesterday evening, The Pony sent a text to Farmer H saying that the other candidate had left MBS early. That's kind of frowned upon, I think. Was The Pony informing Farmer H so he would know not to look for the other candidate? No. Was he sad that the other candidate, actually a friend of his, had gone home early? No. The Pony was asking Farmer H if they could stay overnight so he could attend the alumni day!

Of course the answer was yes. The closed door has turned into an open window. The sun even shines on a Pony's unruly forelock some days.


Sioux said...

It seems The Pony can prance into a pile of poop in the pasture and still come up smellin' like a peony.

(I'm all about the p, 'bout the p, 'bout the p today.)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Not only is The Pony without the P(oop)...NO PEBBLES! It must be the way he is shod that keeps his feet so pristine.