Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I Came Undone Faster Than A Flimsy Cellophane Wrapper

Just when I thought PEEPS would be my undoing, and refused to pass down that aisle in the store for a couple of months, to avoid temptation...a new delicacy sabotaged my wise choices.

Oh, don't think I dodged that PEEPS bullet without a nick. A couple weeks back, I found those two stashed packs in a Devil's Playground bag under the desk in my bedroom. Remember? I didn't. Until they practically screamed EAT ME from their safe hidey-hole as I walked by to open the shade on the french doors to the porch. Yes. I ate a box of year-and-two-months-old PEEPS. They were not nearly as delicious as I anticipated.

I put that little indiscretion behind me. Thinking, perhaps, that I should throw away the last pack, but clinging to it as a test of my willpower. Will those PEEPS make it ANOTHER year? We'll see. Right now I don't have a PEEPS tooth. willpower was sabotaged when I least expected it, pushing my cart-walker up the main aisle of The Devil's Playground, headed to the front, shopping done, on a mission to check out. It's so unfair of those floor managers to pile impulse purchase items on pallets in the center of the aisle. Why can't we just wheel our cart-walkers along these high-traffic areas without dodging other cart-walkerers, and piles of tempting taste treats?

Here is my downfall.

Oh, what's that? The pack is EMPTY, you say? Yes. Yes it is. I had an unfortunate lapse in willpower. Not all at once! Sweet Gummi Mary! I was not consumed with such a feeding frenzy that I tore through that package in one sitting! I ate them one at a time. One a day. Okay. Sometimes two a day. But spread out, at lunch time and as an evening snack. I don't even LIKE those filled Twizzlers! We tried them way back when they first came out, The Pony and I. Not fans. I can't remember the flavor back then. Probably the red flavor, whatever that is. It tastes like nothing in nature, so I'm not sure. I think of it as the Twizzler fruit.

Anyhoo...can you see what I scarfed up gorged on stuffed myself to the gills with enjoyed in moderation here? KEY LIME PIE Twizzlers! Oh, they are delectable! If you can control yourself, which I DID, aside from buying them and eating them in the first place. They are only 70 calories apiece. They can be budgeted into an eating regimen. Not into a sensible eating regimen. But if you're willing to forego nutrients, you can work them in if you eschew vitamins and minerals and food groups for flavor.

Oh, what's that? Why didn't I use that easy open feature to gain access to my verboten snack? Because they're KEY LIME PIE Twizzlers, people! I ripped into that package with haste. Didn't even THINK of turning it over to look for some kind of bogus easy-open directions. Of course, my Twizzlers were then exposed to the elements due to the rip all the way down the package. But I rolled them up and stuck a baggie over the end. They stayed remarkably fresh.

Of course, they didn't have all that many days to age.


Sioux Roslawski said...

Twizzlers--no matter the flavor--would last for decades in my house... unless, of course, they were dipped in chocolate.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Not a fan of twizzlers, I prefer red vines. And I prefer them stale. Makes them chewier and harder to eat more than one. I can force myself, of course. My Walmart had no pallet of this lime delicacy in mid aisle. I would surely have given them a try! I have key lime pie snocones here in my store. Just last Sunday a woman mused that the snocone machine must be broken ...... because she didn't see any snocones on display. I was ready to end the day, but I did say that the ice crusher was working just fine, that I made them to order, lest they melt ...... She still didn't get it.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Great. Now you're going to give somebody at the Twizzler factory a new idea.

You've got to look for them! I think you'd like at least the FILLING part of the key lime pie Twizzlers.

I don't know how some of those campers survive. If you made some models of sno-cones out of glass beads for display...somebody would EAT them! There's no reasoning with some people.