Thursday, June 1, 2017

Some Days You're On A Roll, Some Days You're High-Rollin', And Some Days, You're BOTH

Last week was the best week ever in the history of Mrs. Hillbilly Mom's lottery ticket hobby.

I decided to go high-rollin' with some of my winnings brought back from Casinopalooza 2. I cashed in a $20 winning scratcher, and put with it $100 of cold hard (actually limp paper) casino cash. I used that to buy three $30 Golden Tickets, and three assorted $10 tickets. I got three winners.

Sorry those aren't the best pictures. The close-ups of the winning parts were on the pictures I sent to my sister the ex-mayor's wife, and they're still on my phone, and not accessible unless I traipse upstairs and out onto the porch and wait five minutes (if I'm lucky) for each one to be sent to my email. And that's not happening!

Anyhoo...that first one was a 10X $10 for a $100 winner. The second was a 2X $50 for another $100 winner. And the third one was a WIN ALL symbol, adding up to a $200 winner.

Oh, but that's not all! I don't have a picture, because the #1 Son said. "That's a lot of effort," when I asked him to email me a picture...but HE won $100 on a $5 ticket I mailed to him on Friday. Seriously. You'd think HE had to traipse up 13 steps and sit on the porch and wait, when actually all HE had to do was point his phone at his ticket, push a button, click on email, type couple letters of the address, and hit SEND. Sweet Gummi Mary! Kids these days could do that in their sleep. In a COMA, even! So you are deprived of his winner's picture.

So...over a 3-day span, I acquired a total of $500 in winners. I don't remember exactly what I spent to purchase them, because I was mostly cashing in previous winners until I took the hundred from my casino bankroll.

In any case, I'm still winning. Shh...Even Steven doesn't need to hear that.


fishducky said...

I promise not to say a word to Even Steven!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Thanks! It'll be our little secret!