Thursday, June 8, 2017

I Hope She's Not Calling BET'S OFF On Me!

When I get a $100 winner on a scratch-off ticket (which I did again on Sunday and again on Monday!) I send a picture of it to my sister the ex-mayor's wife. You know. So she can join in my revelry. Or maybe because I imagine the ex-mayor saying, "HOW can your sister win all the time?"

Sis used to congratulate me. Then she would say how lucky I am. Then she would say something seems fishy. Then she would say that the convenience stores were going to ban me because I must be cheating. Then she didn't respond at all a couple of times. Because, I guess, after the 20th picture of a $100 or more winner, the bloom is off the rose.

On Tuesday, Sis said, "This is crazy! I thought you bought them once a week, not once a day!"

What she's not considering is that I could buy one every day, for a month, and then every day, for another month, and still have money left in my winnings stockpile, EVEN if I did not win a single cent on those daily tickets. Which is not likely. I usually win at least 40 percent of my investment back on the days I don't hit a big winner.

Anyhoo...people have different styles of gambling. Just like in the casino. Sis and Farmer H and the #1 Son always play the penny machines. I, myself, don't see the point. They might spend $1.20 a spin, whereas I am more likely to play a dollar machine and spend a dollar a spin. Sure, they may play all day on their machines for a weekend. I put more money though mine, but I usually come away with a couple hundred more that I started with, and they are happy if they can only lose half their money.

Same with lottery tickets. Some people will buy a string of tickets in a row. Not me. I'm not going to pay for sure losers. I'll take my chances on random losers. Buy single tickets at different places, or single tickets of different kinds.

Anyhoo...when Sis sent me that text about my ticket-buying habit, I sent her one back:

"Sorry they don't make penny scratchers for you and Farmer H!"

She sent back a HA HA.


Sioux Roslawski said...

I'm sure she was thinking something different than "ha ha."

fishducky said...

I'm thinking ha, ha, too!!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Mayhap she was, and mayhap she wasn't. But probably, she WAS. It's so hard to appreciate the nuances of sarcasm by text.

I cracked myself up with that one!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Ouch, that must have smarted! But is was funny, even if she didn't think so!

Hillbilly Mom said...

I don't tell HER to go buy tickets, so she shouldn't tell ME to STOP! She does have a great time playing the penny machines, but to me it seems a waste of time. Of course, a penny machine is better than no machine.

Funny...Sis and the ex-mayor haven't invited me to go to the casino since we got back from Casinopalooza 2. You don't think it's anything I said, do you? I know they go to the city all the time. Surely they could haul me along and drop me off and come back for me! Or at least the first part...