Saturday, February 3, 2018

This Candy Was Dandy

Hey, remember my trials and tribulations with my several-favorites-ago new snack, the Gourmet Lollipop? Even Steven has taken on my case.

Wednesday, I was in The Devil's Playground, and remembered that I was looking for some Gourmet Lollipops. The regular Devil's Playground nearest the Mansion has been out. Out of the bags, and not re-stocking the wooden holders at the checkouts. So while I was at The Devil's Playground over in Bill-Paying Town, I checked the shelf, and there were five or six bags. Of course I picked them up to peer through the little window hole on the front. On the fourth bag, I noticed TWO of the Bubble Gum flavor, and one of the Cotton Candy. I figured 3 out of 7 isn't bad odds. At least I'd be getting three that I liked, with the possibility of others I couldn't see, for slightly over the price I'd pay for three single suckers at the checkout.

I set the bag aside when I got home, and then opened it up Friday night, when I was headed to my OPC (Old People Chair) to watch my DVR of LIVE PD. That's my routine. LIVE PD is on Friday and Saturday nights, and I enjoy a Gourmet Lollipop while watching. The show is 3 hours long (but only about two if you don't watch it live, and zap through the commercials). A Gourmet Lollipop might last almost an hour, depending on how vigorous you are in trying to devour it.

Anyhoo...I cut the top off the bag of Gourmet Lollipops, and peered inside, eager to see what else was in there, not visible through the window. SWEET GUMMI MARY! That looked like a lot of lollipops! In fact, my new bag contained 9 Gourmet Lollipops! The bag clearly says 7 on the front label.

Maybe I should compare the weight of all those bags next time! To see if I can pull off this feat again. I dumped out the lollipops, and this is what I have.

My favorites are well-represented. I have 3 Bubble Gum, 3 Cotton Candy, 1 Wild Cherry, 1 Mystery, and 1 dreaded Watermelon. I'm not complaining! I'm not even going to write a letter to the Original Gourmet Food Co. to ask why the bag says 7 suckers, but shows 10 in the picture.

Excuse me. I have plans with a Bubble Gum lollipop. It's time to go start watching my recording of LIVE PD.


Sioux Roslawski said...

LIVE PD? Live police department stuff? (Pardon my ignorance.)

Hillbilly Mom said...

YES! It's not nearly as riveting as I always hope. Usually they're just making trumped up traffic stops and finding weed in the car. But every now and then, somebody takes off running, and then the cops either tackle them, or get the dog to track them. I like seeing the dogs It's on the A&E Channel, I think. On Friday and Saturday nights.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Wow! Even Steven has blessed you! I have watched your show, but I bore easily. I need action, like Dr. Pimple Popper.

Hillbilly Mom said...

NO NO NO! To Dr. Pimple Popper! You're right, though, about LIVE PD. It used to be more exciting for some reason. Now I fast forward through a lot of the weed busts, unless I see the dog, and also zip through the sobriety field tests. Farmer H and I agree that either one of us would have trouble walking the heel-toe line, and lifting one leg, even while stone cold sober.