Saturday, March 10, 2018

And You Kids Stay Off My Lawn, Too!

The generation gap is REAL, people! I've noticed folks (like my age folks, the Boomers) across the Blogosphere, grousing about how these Millennials who wait on them don't know how to interact with people. Instead of a simple, "You're welcome," when they are thanked (and heaven forbid you expect one of THEM to ever thank anyone), they say,
"No problem."

OF COURSE IT'S NOT A PROBLEM! It's your freakin' JOB! That you're being paid to do in a timely and courteous manner. So why would it be a problem? It's not like we dragged you off your deathbed and asked you to rebuild the pyramids. Which, I might add, would likely not be standing if they'd been originally built by Millennials. We're only asking you to take our order. To hand back change. Easy peasy.

I can deal with that, though. With the, "No problem." I've grown accustomed to it. What I have NOT grown accustomed to is the greeting I get when I walk into a convenience store.

Silly old me. Silly OLD me! I guess I expect to be greeted with, "May I help you?" Or, perhaps, "What can I do for you?" But instead, I keep getting the standard greeting of...


Seriously? I'm not your bro. I'm not here for a casual conversation. We are different generations. You need to learn mighty quick that if you're going to ask an old person, "What's up?" you're going to get a lengthy discourse on the state of their current health.

Seriously. That takes me out of the moment every time. I walk in, glance at the scratcher display, have the numbers I'd like to buy in mind...and then all at once, I'm considering enlightening this young dude on how my knees are feeling today.

I think maybe there needs to be a translator on site. Just in case.


Sioux Roslawski said...

Why? Why would there be a translator, when the message is, "I'm a lazy lump, I have little manners, and I'm not interested in putting forth extra effort to make the customer feel like they're valued."

You don't need no freakin' translator. THAT is the message they're sending with their "Whazup?"

Hillbilly Mom said...

At least they could put a little more enthusiasm into it. That wouldn't kill them. It's pretty hard to kill a lazy lump.

And then I could respond in the same manner.

River said...

I've never heard that out here and I hope I never do, because if someone says to me 'what's up?" I'll be telling them, 'my blood pressure, my cholesterol, my hot temper at your rudeness, I'd like to see your boss please"
We are instructed, and reminded often, of the correct way to greet customers.
AND...there are "secret shoppers" who get paid to shop in stores and fill in questionnaires rating the store, the service, good or bad, speedy, efficient, friendly, or not, and the feedback is sent to the bosses. Who then send it down to us via the supervisors.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Heh, heh! There was a new little girl working the register at Waterside Mart today. When I stepped up to the counter and said, "Hi," she looked like a scared rabbit! I swear she took a step backward, visibly trembled, then returned the greeting. I guess interpersonal skills are not the wheelhouse of the Millennials.

Waterside Mart has the friendliest clerks around, and yet even THEY cannot master the proper greeting. The old biddy who owns The Gas Station Chicken Store would never put up with a WASSUP. Maybe that's why there's always a sign on the door saying they are hiring clerks.

River said...

I bet that was her first five minutes at her first customer service job ever, because I remember how I felt then.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I agree. She rang up one of my tickets twice, and another employer came out to help her clear it. I was very patient. Didn't mind a bit. Everybody has to start somewhere.