Monday, March 12, 2018

Let The Invalid Heal Himself

Farmer H is sickly again. I really think it would be healthier for him to skip his weekly shot. This is becoming a habit. He goes to the doctor's office every Friday afternoon, and comes down with a sickness on Sunday night or Monday morning. If he was still working, I'd declare that he was faking it. But now it interferes with his own personal junking time.

I was heading to town around noon, so I set out a saucepan, a mug, a large spoon, and a can of chunky chicken noodle soup. I even put on my glasses to make sure the expiration date was September 8 of 2018. Not 2016.

Farmer H had agreed to have the chicken soup for his lunch. He probably thought I'd be making it for him, though. occurred to me halfway to town that I'd forgotten to lay out a can opener. I guess Farmer H managed all right. I made sure that the soup I bought while in town has a flip top.

When I got home, the soup was gone. The pan had been rinsed clean. The mug had been rinsed clean.

I'm pretty sure my sink drain is going to be clogged with tiny pieces of noodle, carrot, and celery.


Sioux Roslawski said...

Oh, he just wants some TLC from his sweet wife...

River said...

Your sink drain will be fine, there's no fats or oils in that soup to congeal and stop anything else going down. Why does he get a shot every week?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yeah, sure. That doesn't fit in with his demeanor!

Little chunks get stuck in that part with slots designed to stop little chunks. I have to pick them out with the end of a knife. YUCK! I hate wet food, even though it's clean from soaking in the detergent.

Not sure about the shot. I suspect B12, since he's been getting it for years due to pernicious anemia.

River said...

Pick them out?
No No No.
Use a skewer and poke them down and wash them away.
Pernicious anaemia? That's not good.

Hillbilly Mom said...

NO! I imagine them piling up like a beaver dam at a curve in the pipes!

Farmer H has had the pernicious anemia since before Genius was born. It was discovered by accident, after medical testing for a brain tumor or multiple sclerosis. Farmer H will take pernicious anemia any day, over those other two ailments.

It was discovered just in time. He had been losing feeling in his leg, and it was up past the thigh level. With B12, the feeling gradually returned. It can be a killer if undiagnosed, I think.