Monday, February 24, 2020

Who Knew Farmer H Could Be So Entertaining?

Sweet Gummi Mary! I laughed so hard on Saturday that I thought I was going to pass out. Farmer H was the unintentional comedian. Quite a feat, since he was born without a funny bone.

We spent the weekend with The Pony in Oklahoma. On Saturday morning, we picked him up, and he asked for a McDonald's sausage biscuit meal. Farmer H drove onto the parking lot, and saw that the drive-thru line reached around three sides of the building. He parked A-Cad, and announced that he was going inside to save time.

Farmer H came back with, of course, the wrong order. He had the sausage biscuit, and a Sprite, but no hash brown. He said the THOUGHT the price seemed awfully cheap. Then he buckled his seat belt, and backed out of the parking space. The Pony and I cut eyes at each other, but The Pony was already resigned to going without his hash brown.

Farmer H yanked the wheel over to the left, because he spotted a trash can, the kind you drive your car up to.

"I'm going to throw away my soda cup from yesterday, or your mom won't shut up about it." He told The Pony conspirator-like, even though I was sitting right there.

Farmer H wasn't quite close enough to the trash can. He put down A-Cad's window, and attempted to toss that 32 oz foam cup, with about 10 oz of Diet Mountain Dew left in it, into the snout of the trash can.

The Pony and I knew it was a futile attempt. We know our physics. Farmer H does not. That cup landed on the edge of the snout, kind of teetered there. Farmer H threw open A-Cad's door to push it in. He had one leg out of the car. But his seatbelt held him in. The cup rolled onto the edge of A-Cad's window. Got pinched between it and the trash can snout. Diet Mountain Dew spattered on A-Cad's window ledge.

Farmer H may or may not have let a curse word escape. He had to unbuckle his seatbelt and get out to pick up the foam cup.

I laughed like cartoon Muttley of Wacky Races. All wheezy and almost unable to catch my breath.

Farmer H is hilarious. Although unintentionally.


River said...

That is funny, grinning here. Sorry about The Pony's hash brown though.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Yes, The Pony doesn't ask for much. We'd stuffed ourselves at the free breakfast at our motel, yet couldn't provide him a simple hash brown. At least he got to have his favorite, Steak n Shake, for lunch.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Too bad you didn't record it!

Hillbilly Mom said...

Too bad I'm a technology simpleton. I wish The Pony would have filmed it for me. We were mesmerized by that balancing soda cup, and then it was too late!