Monday, November 24, 2014

A Quarter Of A Century!

This is the big 25 for Farmer H and me. Uh huh. Our 25th wedding anniversary. We are having a night on the town, with The Pony, of course. We’re going out for a steak dinner. That’s pretty much it. Let the record show that Farmer H gave me a card and two boxes of candy. I gave him a card and two no-sugar-added mini pies. Yep. We’re true romantics.

Tomorrow, Farmer H has scheduled a check-up for T-Hoe. That means we will follow him to town, where he will leave his Pacifica and get in with us for the ride to school, then he’ll drive T-Hoe back to get his tire fixed, and oil changed, and an exam to see what is making that roaring noise in a tire. If T-Hoe isn’t ready to roll, Farmer H will pick us up in his Pacifica or the $1000 Caravan or his Ford F250 Long Bed Club Cab, but not in his 1980 copper-colored Olds Toronado with the spoke wheels.

Today, he has taken my mom to her doctor appointment in the city. I guess I can forgive him for thumping me in the head a couple nights ago, seeing as how he’s using a vacation week to do all this stuff.

I’m sure Farmer H would rather have monetary compensation, rather than forgiveness.


Sioux said...

I'm off tomorrow. I will sleep in (yeah right, with a puppy around, that's impossible) and cavort around in my jammies so you can enjoy my day off vicariously. (I know one day off cannot compare with your looming retirement.)

Hillbilly Mom said...

Well, I did not enjoy your day off. The cavorting made me tired, and the jammies made me sweaty after all that cavorting.

Or maybe it was just heat from the flames in my microwave after I tried your pencil experiment.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

OMG! He has as many vehicles as He Who buys vehicles on a whim, because he seems to like to have options when he drives.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I'm waiting for him to build a huge long garage out of scrap wood. Maybe after the barbershop.