Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Squeaky Wheel Is Loaded For Bear

Farmer H took that THIRD NOTICE bill into his own hands today. He had planned to drive down to HIS hospital, where the service occurred, after picking up my mom from HER hospital after her surgery. As Even Steven would have it, Mom was not discharged until 2:00. Not enough time for Farmer H to get her home and hurry to his patient accounts rendezvous. Mom had called him at work around 11:00, to let him know she would be late.

Farmer H called the local hospital and (of course) got a machine. He left what he called, "a not very nice message" about his frustration with the buffoonery of the California office that sends out the statements.

"When I was on the way home with your mom, I got a call back. The lady was super-nice. She asked if I had the check number, and wanted to know what date it cleared the bank. I had to pull off the road to read it to her. She said she'd check on it and get back to me. About 30 minutes later, she called back. She apologized all over herself for the actions of the California office. She said that yes, the hospital ran the check and received the funds. But when the data was entered, two digits in the account number were transposed, and the amount was not credited to my account."

"Oh. So somebody had a credit of $131.33 that they don't deserve, thanks to us."

"Yeah. Somebody is getting a $131.33 credit, thanks to the idiots who can't punch in a number. This lady said that if we ever have ANY problems, come right to them at the local hospital. Don't even mess with the California office. She was SUPER nice."

"Of course she was. She's small-town. For all she knows, you could come in there with a gun and blow them all away. You DID say you left a not-very-nice message. It's not like you're going to drive to California and take it out on them. Don't think they don't go over this stuff in their training. Those California people are probably way up in an office building with armed guards in the lobby. Thus their a$$holery."

"Well, she said to come down there if we have any problems."

"I'll remember that next month when I get the FOURTH NOTICE."

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