Thursday, November 27, 2014

Who Knows What Armchair Lurks Under The Couches Of Hillbillies? The Pony Knows.

Ain't that a purty li'l thang? Do you know what it is? It's a PHONE CHAIR! Uh huh. A little promotional item picked up by Farmer H on one of his many tool show convention business trips. Free thingamabobs to pass on to people who will never use them. Kid people, perhaps, who live in your house.

I'm sure this phone chair was originally given to the #1 son. He's a gadget grabber. A cushy seat for his precious phone? You bet #1 wants it. For about a day. Let's see. #1 has been off to college for over a year. I can't remember the last tool show Farmer H attended. But today, on Thanksgiving, no less, The Pony excavated this artifact from under the couch.

"Hey! Look! It's a little chair! For a phone!"

Uh huh. Perhaps that speaks to the housecleaning habits of Mrs. Hillbilly Mom. Don't judge. Can you honestly say that YOU never lost a chair under your couch? Seriously? What kind of obsessive-compulsive clean freaks ARE you? I'm sure this little cell seat was knocked off the table and subsequently kicked under the couch. Maybe it was a supernatural event late at night. In no way were the slovenly household habits of Mrs. Hillbilly Mom to blame.

Yep. Indiana The Pony Jones was quite pleased with his discovery. Then he went off and left it on the coffee table.

He'll never have a movie franchise named after him with at this rate.


Sioux said...

Well, if The Pony DID have a movie series named after him, what kind of movies would they be? And, what actor would play The Pony?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Oh dear. That's a tough one. I think it might be called "The Pony: A Guy Who Really Doesn't Care About Helping People."

Who would play The Pony? Hmmm...probably Shia LaBeouf, before he went crazy. The "Holes" Shia.