Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Some Stitches Too Late Makes Eight

The best-laid plans of Mrs. Hillbilly Mom often go awry. She did NOT get her anniversary dinner last night, because Farmer H was still at the hospital with Mrs. Hillbilly Mom’s mom at the late hour of 6:10 p.m. They did not return to the home of HM’s mom until 8:00 p.m. Yeah. That’s a little late for dinner around Hillmomba, where school lunch is served at 10:53 a.m., and supper us usually at 5:00.

Sooo…we’re going tonight, to a catfish house for, well, catfish, and chicken and shrimp and hush puppies and baked beans and slaw. SLAW! They have the best slaw ever! Shh…don’t tell my mom. I’m not sure she can have it on her diet. If she can, I would be tempted to get her a carry-out container and drop it by her house tomorrow.

Mom’s face is looking good, according to Farmer H and the comments he related from the staff at the hospital. They were supposed to be there at 2:00, but the doctor was in surgery. Then at 4:30 they found out they went to the wrong room. At 5:00, a doctor came in and said he’d be right back, because he needed to see the orders the surgeon who did Mom’s surgery had left. Like nobody had thought about that all the live-long day. THEN he had to check to see if he could take out some more stitches, to save her a trip back up there on Wednesday. Sweet Gummi Mary! She could have driven 10 miles and seen a doctor down here since it wasn’t even her surgeon. They even let 1st year medical students take out stitches, probably.

The Pony and I will be awaiting our chariot driven by Farmer H this afternoon. Hopefully it will be T-Hoe, fresh from his tire repair and oil change. We’ll ride in anything, though. Because we’re gonna eat us some catfish!

Oh. Now we have to go in the truck, because Farmer H is letting them keep T-Hoe overnight, which I told him I did NOT want to do. Great. Now I don’t have a car for work tomorrow.

"The best anniversary I've ever had!" declared nobody. Anywhere. Ever.


Sioux said...

Well, a good catfish dinner is a great way to celebrate...even if you do have to travel to the restaurant in your 2nd choice chariot...

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Love me some catfish! As for anniversary dinners, tis one is great! I have had some really lousy ones at burger joints with all 5 kids in tow.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I must say, I ate all I could eat.

As food goes, this was delicious. Even though I was driven there in a borrowed car. At least I only had one child in tow, and he was well-behaved. When we used to go there with the #1 son as a young 'un, he would get under the table and infuriate Farmer H.