Wednesday, August 5, 2015

These Not-Favorites Were Made In Not-Heaven

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom has known for a great while that technology is not her friend. She had hoped they at least had a civil working relationship. Today, that bond was put to the test.

The #1 son was here to hook up her NewNew Delly. To transfer all his classified information. To boost Mrs. HM from Windows 7 to her despised Windows 8, and upgrade her to Microsoft Office 13, both of which torment her in the workplace. .

Oh, dear. As if it wasn't bad enough that her gradebook program Monday pretty much pooped in her hand and called it chocolate custard. #1 had places to go and person to see, and hit the road at 11:30 a.m. Thinking he had taught Mrs. HM enough fishing techniques to solver her own problems, and compute for the rest of her life. Which may come sooner after all the stress from this switchover.

Did you know that Microsoft Office 13 turned its back on Picture Manager? That's right. It does not exist. So there is no way for Mrs. Hillbilly Mom to crop her pictures of their personal content. No way to adjust the size and shape and hints of color and sharpen their image. Nope. It only took her two hours to figure that out. The #1 son is working on a solution, but it will probably take a couple of days. He seems to have a life which he prefers to lead over hers!

Not only that, but her music compilation, for which #1 pays a pretty penny and shares with Mrs. HM, has gone all wonky, with many of her favorite songs showing that dad-gummed yellow exclamation mark.

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom hates change. Mrs. Hillbilly Mom especially hates Windows 8 and Office 13. It's not her. It's them.


Sioux said...

If technology is not your friend, it is MY mortal enemy. The tech guy at work loves that he works in the same building as me, because I present him with computer problems he's never seen before.

I feel sooo special...

Hillbilly Mom said...

Did you ever arrive in August and see a very special new screen hanging from the ceiling for showing your pupils stuff from your monitor? I did. I was having a devil of a time figuring out how it was going to work. Until I looked at it from the other side, and saw that it was just the cover for my ceiling light left open awaiting a new ballast.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it. After you find two sticks to rub together to start a fire.