Monday, August 3, 2015

You Have To Ride A Bike Before You Can Drive

I was running late last night to watch Big Brother with The Pony. It's our Sunday night routine. We DVR the show, then we can fast forward the commercials. After it's over, we watch our DVR of last week's Cutthroat Kitchen. Here's a warning. You don't want to eat a Scotch Egg made with haggis.

So I was on my way from my dark basement lair to the TV section of the basement. Of course I made a pit stop in the NASCAR bathroom before I settled into the recliner.

"Just a minute. That toilet doesn't sound right."

"Maybe it's what you put in it."

"No. Several things went in it this afternoon, including the plunger, and it didn't sound like that." I approached the area where The Pony lounges in all his waking hours. "Get rid of some of this trash. That bowl with butter in it has been there for a week. It must be rancid by now."

"Not really. It's only been there since we had corn on the cob. About 3 days."

"Now that you mention it...there might have been some of that corn--"

"DON'T! Just don't. No toilet jokes!"

"Would you prefer Not Liking To Drive jokes?"


"You know, once you have some experience driving a car, it's second nature. You won't always have to concentrate on every little step. It's like when you learned how to write cursive."

"I never learned how to write cursive."


"If you're going to say it's like learning to ride a bike, I never learned that either."

I think we may be onto something here.


Sioux said...

You know we just borrow corn, right?

Hillbilly Mom said...

You're preachin' to the choir, Madam! I spent 13 years at the school lunch table listening to Sir Gabs-A-Lot make note of this fact every time we had corn.