Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mrs. Hillbilly Mom Throws A Hissy Fit At The Semi-Weekly Meeting Of The Newmentia Lunch Time Think Tank

Okay. Maybe that title should be amended to Mrs. Hillbilly Mom Throws HER MOST RECENT Hissy Fit At The Semi-Weekly Meeting Of The Newmentia Lunch Time Think Tank. Or perhaps even shortened to "WTF?" Shouts Mrs. Hillbilly Mom.

Perhaps I've mentioned that each year, we staffers are expected to watch a series of videos on the recognition and handling of inappropriate behavior on the part of adults concerning children. Long ago, when the videos were still exactly the same as the ones we watch now, we were held captive after our free back-to-Newmentia catered breakfast, and forced encouraged to watch them together on the big screen pulled down over the inner trophy case full of band awards, the sports trophies getting top billing out front facing the entrance doors.

Now we must watch them on our own time. Our own time being at home, while sitting at a baseball game, while driving across a bare boring state like Kansas or Montana, or after school hours or during a couple of classroom work hours allotted prior to The First Day. We have until sometime in September to get them done. Mrs. Hillbilly Mom is of the opinion that one does these mandatory viewings as soon as notified, because then they are done, done, DONE!

Or not.

At the lunch table on the third day of my three-day week, Mr. Princ sat down with a printout. He does this on occasion, sharing scores or other recognitions with selected lunchmates. He showed it to Very Special, pointing out a line highlighted in pink. Then he shoved it over past Jewels until it was in front of Mrs. Hillbilly Mom, and pointed out another pink line, the second of only two on the whole printout.

Mrs. HM smiled and nodded. She was not wearing her glasses, so could not see what the hubbub was about. AND she could not hear what Mr. Princ said, because of the hubbub of a cafeteria full of freshmen, and the crunching of Jewels on a bowl of fish and cruciferous vegetables and bell peppers. "So I want it done." Said Mr. Princ.

WTF? Mrs. Hillbilly Mom was not being singled out for praise? Mrs. Hillbilly Mom was being publicly reprimanded for being remiss in her duties? No way!

"Wait a minute! What IS that?"

"The mandatory videos. You have not watched them."

"Yes I DID! Way before we had to! I did them all! All three!"

"Well, it shows here that you didn't. There's no record of it."

"Don't worry, Mrs. Hillbilly Mom. Go back into that site. You probably did it, but the website didn't record it. That's how mine was. I just had to click on one button." Good to see that Mrs. HM has one supporter amongst the Think Tank.

"There's no PROBABLY to it! I watched them! In fact, it was before our work days. I saw the email and followed the link. I was up here setting up my laptop and control center. The Pony was with me. He even said, 'Do I HAVE to hear this stuff?' Because I was trying out my projector to make sure it worked after I hooked things up. AND when I took one of the quizzes, The Pony glanced over at the screen and said, 'Really? That's not the best answer. I wasn't even listening and I know that.' So I changed it, and that's how I got 100 on that quiz. I got 100 on the other two quizzes, too! I WATCHED THOSE VIDEOS!"

"According to the official reporting site, you didn't. So go in and make sure it's done."

"I will. But I already spent two hours watching them. I don't know why it says I didn't. I have had it with this place. After this year, I AM NOT COMING BACK!" Let the record show that this line is my new favorite saying.

So...I looked back at my email list. And there was the one where I followed the link. And there was the one where I had to reset my password because I forgot it. So I know exactly what day I watched them. I signed in again. It showed ONE of the three was not complete, but that the deadline was approaching on the 25th. I clicked on it. AND got a screen that congratulated me on getting 100 on my quiz. I clicked at the bottom of that notice where the button said [Finish]. That took me right out, with the screen showing that I had no videos scheduled to watch.

I guess I need to check it again next week to make sure the sexual abuse video doesn't try to screw me again.


Sioux said...

You only had 3 to watch? We have more than a dozen. I am not kidding.

That is not fair! (And our deadline is September 30... and I have not watched any of them yet.)

Hillbilly Mom said...

More than a DOZEN? Are you trying to make Newsweek's top 500 Schools list? Oh, wait. Newmentia is on it, and we only watch three. Or DO we? Maybe it's because we watch them twice.