Friday, September 25, 2015

The Bottomless Pockets of Mrs. Hillbilly Mom

Farmer H surprised me last evening with news of an unexpected windfall.

"Oh, I put a check in there by your purse."

"A check?"

"Yeah. From work. I bought a building for work, and that's the check."

"Wait. You bought a building for work...and now work is paying you? Isn't that part of your regular job?"

"Yesssss. But I bought the building. Put down a payment on it. And that's the check for it."

"So you bought a building, and work gave you a check?"

"Yeah. For the building."

"Then why do you have it? Shouldn't it go to who sold you the building?"

"Noooo. I paid for the building. And work gave me a check."

"Oh. You paid OUR money on a building, and work is reimbursing you."

"Yeah. That's what I said."

"Not really. So now I have to figure how much you spent, because you didn't give me a receipt, or write anything in the checkbook."

"I put it on the credit card."

"I HATE it when you put things on the credit card! I pay that off every month."

"It's not from me!"

"Yes it is! Over a hundred for automotive parts. And over two hundred for lumber and building supplies."

"Well. After I did it, I thought, 'Why did I just put that on the credit card? There's enough money in checking. I could have put it on the debit card."

"Or you could have told me."

Am I the only one who thinks Farmer H was trying to pull a fast one with that building? Acting like he had a check for me, when it was actually reimbursement for him spending our money on work merchandise?

His work is going to have to find a new cash cow other than Mrs. Hillbilly Mom, once Farmer H retires in a year and three months.


Sioux said...

A year and three months? That means you will retire before Farmer H? That means you will have the house to yourself for a while--during the day?

What will you put into place to ensure that once he DOES retire, you will still have some space to yourself?

Or are you shopping for a chipper?

Hillbilly Mom said...

I am going to get him a part-time job lined up, delivering medicine, driving the elderly bus, working in an auto parts store or lumberyard. He will thank me for the extra allowance.