Friday, May 12, 2017

I'm Glad Lightning Has Never Struck Me Once

Yesterday, you may recall, I cautioned you to heed your hunches.

Today I followed through on my original hunch. You know. The one that I should buy my scratch-off tickets from the Country Mart machines. But they were OUT, by cracky! OUT of my main tickets! BOTH machines, yesterday.

So this morning I went back to finish my unfinished business. The machine on the left was STILL out of my ticket. But the one on the right had been filled. I bought my ticket as planned. Took it home for scratching. And got THIS:

That's right! ANOTHER $100 winner. Second day in a row for my hundo.

Oh, I don't mind winning a hundred dollars two days in a row. But the cherry on top is that it gives me two days of blog posts while I'm trying to blog ahead for my absence during Casinopalooza 2.


Sioux Roslawski said...

HM--I think you should hire yourself out as a lottery ticket buyer. Seriously.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

You can't win if you don't play ...... I have heard that. I am just afraid that I would be the exception that proves the rule. I think I will just enjoy watching you win.

Hillbilly Mom said...

I don't know how transferable my luck is. I give tickets at Christmas, and send the #1 son two tickets a week. The best he's done is a $50 winner (scratched in the car when I handed it to him on his birthday) and a couple of $40s. HOS won $100 on a ticket I gave him for helping out. But everyone else just has a random small winner here and there.

Farmer H cannot win. I think I absorb his luck. When I'm winning, I can't lose! However...I've just come off a little slump where I couldn't win. Just in time for Casinopalooza 2, I hope! We leave tomorrow.

fishducky said...

Are you sure it's legal to win that often?

Hillbilly Mom said...

As far as I know! Nobody has called 1-800-BETS-OFF on me yet!