Wednesday, May 17, 2017

No Pas At ALL, I Tell You!

You know how only yesterday, I was telling you that if it weren't for faux pas, I'd have no pas at all? I've got another example.

The night before we left for Casinopalooza 2, I was frantically texting four parties.

My sister the ex-mayor's wife had recently arrived at our destination a day early. Sis was sending me a picture of the free room and telling me where they were headed, and asking about the game she and Farmer H had been playing when he was mistaken for her husband.

The Pony was missing in non-action, needing last-minute directions to meet up with us the next day.

The #1 son hadn't been heard from in a week, and needed confirmation of the time we were picking him up as we passed through College Town.

Farmer H had forsaken me for Goodwill, without revealing the location of the suitcases, and was not answering the question Sis had about the penny slot they had been playing.

I had sent out various texts while on the front porch, snacking the dogs. They feasted on leftover spaghetti, and leftover taco meat. Since nobody was responding, I headed back inside to get my own supper ready. I carried it downstairs. I was just getting ready to pour some 20 oz bottled Diet Coke into my 44 oz cup to refresh it when my phones went crazy!

The land line rang with The Pony's return call at the same time my cell phone started buzzing with a text from Sis. The Pony said he had fallen asleep in the lounge on his hall (he lives dangerously, that boy) and just now woke up to return my call. He was firing up his laptop to take a street view look of where we're meeting him. I needed to twist that cap off my 20 oz bottle. So I told him I was laying the phone down for a minute.

I twisted off my bottle cap, and glanced to see Sis's latest update. She was trying to earn enough play to get a free puppy. Not a live puppy. A stuffed puppy like the stuffed monkeys we got last time at that casino, with a scratcher for free play. While I had two hands, I shot off a text to Farmer H: "Don't know where you're hiding the suitcases!" He's a grouch when he gets up on trip day and thinks I'm not ready a half hour before departure time.

Anyhoo...I got back on the phone with The Pony, and we had a nice chat, and he figured out his route, and how long it would take, and what time I should call to make sure he was up. It's been a while since I talked to him, so we caught up on old times. It's not like we were going to see each other the next day, of course!

"Whoops! There goes my phone again! I swear, the minute I sit down with my supper, you all start responding to me! I don't know if that's Aunt Sis or Dad or your brother. Oh, well. They can wait."

Once we were wrapping up the call, I checked my phone. "Whoopsie! That was your Aunt Sis. 18 minutes ago! I need to see what she wants. I'll see you tomorrow. I'll call. Love you!" We signed off and I picked up my cell phone.

"Was that meant for me???"

That's when I realized my latest faux pas. I had sent Sis a text saying, "Don't know where you're hiding the suitcases!"

"Heh, heh. No. As much as I'd like something else to blame on you!"

"I was just afraid you might get mad at him because he never answered you."

Well. Of course I would have!

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