Friday, January 12, 2018

The Cheese Wallows Alone

Let the record show that our basement runs the entire length of the Mansion. My office is at the front right side, with the NASCAR bathroom next to it, and Farmer H's workshop on the back half of the basement. The left end is open, with a TV area up front, and the pool table behind it.

Preparing for the Christmas holiday, I cleaned up the basement. At least the common areas, since we put up our tree, and unwrap gifts in the TV area. My OPC (Old People Chair is there, too). I didn't bother with my office or the workshop. But the rest of the basement was dusted and swept. I had a small wastebasket outside the NASCAR bathroom, under a desk that holds assorted junk like some of the boys' old computer games in cubbies on the built-in cubicles up top. There's a blue bean bag chair under the desk, on a rectangular carpet remnant, where The Pony liked to sit and play Nintendo, which is hooked up to a little TV on the wall across from that desk.

My cleanup went smoothly. Farmer H even helped by dusting part of the room, and The Pony, who arrived a week early, dusted all the way down the wooden steps for me. So basically all I had to do was sweep the basement, and clean the NASCAR bathroom.

Today, as I was carrying my lunch to the mini fridge under the basement stairs, I had a mishap. I kind of eat my lunch in stages. What's the rush? I have the rest of my life to finish lunch! I'm on the Forever Vacation. I first fill my bubba cup of ice with bathroom water. Then I get a bottle of Diet Coke ready to add to my 44 oz cup as I sip some room into it. I scratch my lottery tickets. I check out my blog comments, and start with the day's stories. Then I'm ready for lunch.

So...when I first descend to my dark basement lair, I start up my New Delly, and go put my lunch in the mini fridge. That means pinwheels in the fridge, and an individual plastic cup of Birthday Cake ice cream goes in the mini freezer for dessert.

Today I also had 3 slices of Oberle cheese as a side dish. Oberle cheese is tasty. Garlic flavored soft cheese, in a tube shape. It fits great on a Ritz cracker when you slice it.

I set my 3 slices of Oberle cheese on top of my ice cream container, on top of my pinwheels container, to carry to the mini fridge.

Of course I have to hold that in my left hand, and my bubba cup in my right hand, because I make a stop to fill that cup with water at the NASCAR bathroom. I was just preparing to set down the pinwheel/ice cream/cheese tower on the game-holding desk when calamity befell me.


Uh huh. The exact spot on the floor where I'd swept the entirety of the basement's floor dust, to scoop it up with a dustpan.

Do you know how much dust and hair one slice of Oberle cheese can pick up, even though, to the naked eye, there was no dust and hair on the floor? You might be amazed.

Being a soft cheese, though, Oberle lends itself quite well to having a layer scraped off to reveal pristine cheese goodness underneath.

Make that about 2.5 slices of Oberle I had as a side dish with my lunch today.


fishducky said...

Waste not, want not!!

River said...

Garlic flavoured soft cheese!! Oh Yum! Now I'm going to have to search the specialties sections of the supermarket in case we have that, but another brand of course. about the only brand we have in common is Kleenex (*~*)
I'm glad you were able to scrape off that hairy layer. Next time maybe wrap those slices in a sheet of paper towel, just in case.

Hillbilly Mom said...

Just like when I picked up The Pony's chocolate chip granola bar that he cried for, back when he was a young 'un, off the garage floor, and handed it to him as he was strapped in the car seat. That was before we had a POOPER in the garage, though!

I think Oberle cheese might just be a Missouri thing. They make it in Ste. Genevieve, a town not far from us, and Oberle sausage, too. That's the family's name: OH ber lee.

Kleenex? Surely you must have PUFFS WITH LOTION!

I never thought my cheeses would be taking a dive, or I most certainly would have taken protective measures with them.

River said...

I have never heard of Puffs with Lotion. What are they?

Kathy's Klothesline said...

You must always protect your cheese!! Just imagine what you would have picked up in my house, with 4 dogs and a cat running wild!!

Sioux Roslawski said...

I don't think we have Oberle cheese in The Big City.

I will take that as your weekly "rub-it-in-Sioux's-face" retirement reminder. Message received.

Hillbilly Mom said...

They are a brand of tissues, like Kleenex, with built-in lotion that is softer for your nose. Ever since he was five, Genius INSISTED on the Puffs With Lotion. He even made his piano teacher get them, for when he had lessons once a week. He can be very persuasive. Puffs don't feel slimy, but you can definitely tell a difference in their softness, and how raw your nose doesn't get with a cold.

You would have had an extra coating on your cheese! Like an almond-covered cheese ball.

Just keepin' it real. Lest you forget that I AM RETIRED! There are worse things that could be rubbed in your face than Oberle cheese. Think of my garage, for instance...