Thursday, January 4, 2018

Ze FRAMES, Blog Buddies! Ze FRAMES!

Forget that Mary Richards stuff! That is SO yesterday. Or 1970s. We're moving on to Fantasy Island tonight.

I'm a little too tall to be Tattoo, and I'm not nearly tanned enough to be Ricardo Montalban. That man had skin like fine Corinthian leather. No, I'll just be my everywoman self, and report the facts. I'm already living my fantasy of being RETIRED.

Farmer H got some more snazzy gold picture frames for my best ol' ex-teaching buddy Mabel. So it's HER fantasy today, not mine. Farmer H also found Mabel another mirror! Isn't it cute? These are small frames. The whole five pieces here were only $20 total. AND he got another one, 6" x 7".

I think he said the small frames are plastic, and the mirror frame is wood, because it's pretty heavy. Don't remember what he said about Blue Boy, whose price was $5.00. Typical Farmer H, to frame (see what I did there?) the picture with a lot of empty space, and the subject tiny, in the center.

I don't know what that reedy-looking basket thingy is in the first photo. To the right. Probably not for Mabel. It must be one of Farmer H's fantasies. Could be a fishing creel, maybe, for his Fishing Lair shack. Or a snowshoe for BigFoot, to display with his other oddities in The Pony's Sword Shack. It seems to have become a catchall for things he's not sure what to do with. Maybe it's a picnic basket, because we only have three or four already. And let the record show that we have never taken one on a picnic.

At least while he's Goodwilling, Farmer H is not partaking of his own fantasy, which is building new structures that clamor for funding, and clutter up the landscape.


Sioux Roslawski said...

I thought his fantasy was pestering you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week...

Hillbilly Mom said...

In a normal week, yes. But I've been sick, which is a great deterrent. He keeps his distance, and I can hardly talk, so he doesn't get the attention he hopes for if he provokes me.

River said...

you've never taken a picnic haven't yet found the right basket so Farmer H keeps bring you more?

I LOVE those gold frames and have now made a note for myself to start searching for some. I have an empty wall behind my bedroom door where I can hang a few, with a mirror in the centre and if some of the other frames I find are also mirrors that would be effective.

Hillbilly Mom said...

We've taken the kids to the state parks, but used a cooler instead of the two picnic baskets I inherited from my grandma. They're cool, though. COOL!

I think my best ol' ex-teaching buddy Mabel might have started a trend!

fishducky said...

Those little frames are cute! Can I send Farmer H a list of things to look for for me?

Hillbilly Mom said...

Farmer H likes to have a mission. He already declares that he drives ALL THE WAY TO THE CITY to look for Mabel's items. You know. Not because he used to drive up there anyway looking for his own stuff.